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How to pack an overnight bag like a pro

Planning on staying over at your man’s place this weekend? Then we’re guessing you’re gonna need to pack an overnight bag.

Packing for a one night stay can be tricky. If you’re anything like us, you have a tendency to overpack.

So, we’ve rounded up our tried and tested overnight bag essentials. You can thank us later.

- A fresh set of clothes and underwear

No need to pack your entire wardrobe, just pack one set of clothes and underwear. Avoid packing items like jeans, and coats, as this takes up way too much space. Instead, opt for a maxi dress or jumpsuit that you can just throw on.

- Mouthwash

When spending the night at our man’s place, make sure to pop a travel sized bottle of Listerine Advanced White Mouthwash into your purse. This way you can freshen your breath in no time and get a whiter smile in just 2 weeks.

- Hair and Makeup minis

Ditch the flat iron, hairdryer and gigantic makeup bag. Head over to your nearest beauty store and ask for travel sized versions of your favourite products or ask for free samples!

- Protection

Contraceptives are an absolute essential. It’s always good to have extra condoms on standby, in case your man’s run out.

- A sexy scent

If you have space for one more item, don’t forget to pack a sexy scent. These days most fragrances come in roll-on or travel-sized packaging.

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