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SKIN RENEWAL partners with GLAMOUR for the Women of the Year Awards 2023

As one of the most anticipated events on South Africa’s social calendar, GLAMOUR’s Women of the Year Awards (WOTY) is a spectacular affair that honours some of the country’s most influential women.

This prestigious gathering celebrates the remarkable achievements of women powerhouses from various fields, recognizing their influence, resilience, and inspiring journeys.

From entertainment and business to activism, beauty, fashion and sports, these are women who have shattered boundaries and continue to pave the way for future generations.

With female empowerment at the forefront, beauty and skincare company, Skin Renewal, has partnered with Glamour for our Women of the Year Awards 2023.

Why the brand alignment with GLAMOUR's WOTY?

Celebrate Self-Expression: Emphasizes the power of fashion as a form of self-expression and self-assurance. A glowing skin and radiant complexion, like fashion, provide one with the confidence needed to move through any challenges thrown one’s way.

Foster Inclusivity: Promotes diversity and inclusivity in fashion, contributing to a more equitable world. Empower Through Confidence: Recognizes fashion's role in empowering individuals and boosting self-confidence.

Positive Social Influence: Supports the use of fashion to raise awareness and drive social change. Reaching out to the wider community and responding to their needs in both a sustainable and positive way is intrinsic to the Skin Renewal ethos.

“Our alignment with the Fashion of the Year Award reflects our commitment to personal and holistic well-being, inclusivity, and the positive influence of fashion. We look forward to celebrating those shaping the fashion industry.” - CEO Victor Snyders

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Why are awards like WOTY important for their business and supporting women in general is important.

I am a lifelong learner and celebrate the opportunity to educate and inspire the women around me. At Skin Renewal I work closely with my team of medical aesthetic doctors as well as my training team on implementing the latest global trends and procuring cutting edge International technology. We have an R&D team and I foster an environment that encourages creativity, innovation, conversation and the continuing development of new treatment solutions and growth, for all the members of the Skin Renewal family.

Genuine encouragement and validation as well as empathy are essential in empowering women. I make a conscious effort to recognize and appreciate the achievements, skills, and talents of all the women on my team, emphasizing their invaluable contributions. I am a working mom and myself together with my life partner and the CEO of Skin Renewal Victor, believe that It is crucial to create a safe and inclusive space where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves without fear of judgment or discrimination. We foster their passion and celebrate their success while ensuring the lines of communication are always open.

As we expand and open new clinics, I seize the opportunity to promote the exceptional staff within our organization. These new clinics provide a leadership platform for showcasing their skills and talents, propelling their careers forward. We have an extensive head office support team affording our employees the opportunity to grow within the business both into clinic roles as well as head office.

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“Building self-confidence is a priority for me, and I offer positive feedback, constructive criticism, and guidance to help all members of the Skin Renewal family with whom I come into contact with to grow. I encourage them to step outside their comfort zones and embrace growth opportunities, empowering them to reach their full potential. As we do with our patients it’s about creating a relationship and partnership and appreciating that we are on a journey together,” says Dr Maureen Allem, founder and Medical Director at Skin Renewal.

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