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Style: Sizophila Dlezi

It’s not often that a full-time student helps fuel a major fashion shift. But that’s exactly what Sizophila Dlezi, 25,  is doing – in unique style.

A longtime fashionista, Sizo played dress-up from childhood, entertaining her family in KZN with stop-them-in-their-tracks outfits inspired by Lebo Mathosa and Brenda Fassie. But who could have predicted that her dress-up would become a career, encouraging others to dress up, too?

It was while she was doing a diploma in media studies at Pretoria’s Boston Media House that Sizo began dating Maitele Wawe, the charismatic co-founder of the Fashion Rebels, a street-style crew devoted to thrifting and bold creativity.

“I  joined the Rebels, and in September 2014, Maitele, our friend Thifhelimbilu Mudau and I launched  Pretoria’s Social Market as a place for other people who liked to express themselves through their clothes.”

A monthly showcase for art, food, clothing, music and poetry, the Social Market attracted 100 visitors for its opening – and over 3 000 for its 2016 birthday celebration.

Sizo’s next goal: “An online platform where people can talk about fashion, and access SA and international design. The Social Market gives me hope that the next generation will be forward-thinkers who break boundaries.”

Spoken like a true style inspirer! Check her out on Instagram.

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