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4 Ways to beat the afternoon slump

Busy schedules and lengthy concentration can leave you feeling a bit run down. We turned to Elise Gordon, a registered dietician, to find out why we’re feeling sluggish and what we can eat to recharge our batteries.

Fight that fatigue 

“Fatigue is an extreme tiredness or exhaustion that occurs after overexertion. This overexertion can be on a mental, emotional, or physiological level,” says Elise, justifying the fact that we feel tired, even if we haven’t had any exercise. “Such fatigue can affect our mood, appetite and immune system,” says Elize. Feeling extra lazy in the afternoon? Elize says that “a repetitive afternoon slump in energy levels can usually be traced back to inconsistent food intake during the day and an incorrect combination of macronutrients.”

Balance is key

The three vital macronutrients are carbohydrates, fat and protein. “Carbohydrates are the preferred source of energy for our brains and muscles, whereas proteins are a fundamental building block essential to maintaining life and body functions. Together they work to balance blood sugar levels and provide gradual increase in energy levels,” explains Elise. Make sure that you include these in your breakfast and lunch servings!

Pack snacks

Elise suggests snacking on apple wedges and peanut butter, or wholegrain crackers with hummus. For breakfast she suggests a high fibre cereal with milk and nuts or an egg with vegetables on wholewheat toast.

Plan ahead 

Elise says that, “the best lunch you can eat is one that is planned. We often end up grabbing lunch somewhere or settling for whatever is available instead of being proactive.” She suggests planning your lunch around the three macronutrients and adding colour to your meal. “One of the biggest myths is that caffeine and sugary drinks provide energy,” says Elise. “They will give you an initial energy boost, but this boost is short-lived. You need sustained energy,” she says. Perhaps consider a big green salad with grilled chicken, whole kernel corn and avocado slices the next time you’re feeling sluggish. It will help you more than that sugary energy drink!

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