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5 Ways to get a bikini-body fast!

“Summer bodies are made in the winter,” proclaimed your Instagram’s resident fitness fanatic. In the heart of the chilly season, you scrolled right on by and didn’t take her seriously. Now, you’re definitely starting to regret your decision to stay on the couch and help yourself to yet another brownie…

The weather’s getting warmer and skirts are getting shorter, but your body hasn’t seen the inside of a gym since Bruce became Caitlyn. With bikini weather just around the corner, it’s time to get active.

What you do (or don’t do) over the next two months will determine whether you can dare to bare when the sun comes out to play. Fortunately, it is not yet too late to get the summer body you promised yourself you would have by December.

So, how do you give your training extra edge to maximise the time you have at your disposal? We caught up with Ivana Buchanan, group training specialist of Zone Fitness, for some get-fit-quick tips to make the most of your workout on a tight schedule. Her top five tips include:

1 Switch it up

“Alternate between working out at high- and low-intensity to get into shape fast. Kickstart your journey to summer goddess status by incorporating interval training.“

DON’T: Nobody burns fat fast by plodding along on the treadmill at a steady pace.

DO: Optimise your treadmill time by following a one-minute sprint with three minutes of slow jogging.

Do you even lift?

“Incorporate a strength training programme into your routine. Weight-lifting isn’t just for ardent fitness fanatics. In fact, a little strength training boosts your metabolism and works wonders for weight management.”

DON’T: Starting your strength training without a proper warm-up is a one-way ticket to spending your weekend smothered in Deep Heat.

DO: Sign up to a fitness programme that involves different functional exercises performed at a high intensity. Zone Fitness CoreBurn classes are a classic example of this.

3 Tone your trouble zones

“Schedule one sculpting session per week to focus on your problem areas. For most of us, our unwanted weight is concentrated around the butt and belly so opt for exercises that make these regions work.”

DON’T: Doing endless crunches or squats isn’t the most exciting of exercises, neither will it get rid of that ab flab or thigh jiggle as effectively as switching things up.

DO: Variety is key to a sleek physique. Pilates classes help you mix it up by schooling you in a series of tush- and tummy-toning moves.


“Getting your friends involved gives you the motivation to never miss a workout. Make attaining a summer-ready body one of your #SquadGoals and you’ll get your body up to scratch in no time at all.”

DON’T: Ending every gym session with brunch with the girls, as fun as that may be, will erase your gains as fast as you can say “Extra fries with that, please.”

DO:  Joining a fun group workout like Zumba makes exercise less of a chore and will keep you coming back for more every week.

There’s an app for that

“Use technology to your advantage and download a fitness app to stay on track. Whether you’re looking for workout playlist recommendations or a means of documenting your progress, there are countless apps to help you stick with the programme.”

DON’T: Getting caught up in obsessively counting calories or recording reps takes all the joy out of staying active. Steer clear of burnout by keeping things light-hearted.

DO: Use apps as a creative way to keep going faster and stronger for longer. Spring should be your smartphone staple: Select one of its curated playlists of songs with a similar BPM and run to the beat of the music. Your workout will be over before you know it.

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