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6 Detoxing DOs and DON’Ts

It doesn’t have to extreme. Detoxing means mindfully nourishing your body with the correct nutrients to remove unwanted toxins. Apply these guidelines and your body will thank you.

DON’T eat many processed foods 

Refined carbohydrates, caffeine, carbonated beverages, store-bought sauces, dairy and heavy meats are the key causes of toxin accumulation.

DO go for organic fruit and vegetables 

Include organic steamed veggies, leafy greens, legumes, wholegrains and lean chicken and fish in your detox plan.

DON’T only have liquids

Starving your body of protein and fibre will not benefit you when detoxing.

DO drink the right things 

Water and herbal teas promote detoxification. But don’t add sugar and milk to that tea!

DO remember: it’s not only about what you eat

To be truly effective, a detox should be partnered with rest and appropriate exercise. It won’t work properly if you’re highly stressed and exhausted.

DON’T forget to meditate

Regular meditation relives stress and calms the mind – a helpful practice when detoxing.

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