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How to gain weight the healthy way

Yes, you read that right. Gain weight. Believe it or not, there are people out there who don’t need to lose weight – they need to put it on. And if you’re one of them, you need to know how to go from being underweight to a healthy weight in the safest way possible. (Spoiler alert: this does not involve a steady diet of pizza and ice cream. Unfortunately!) Here’s how to get to the weight you want and enjoy every bite along the way.

Eat more 

Not necessarily bigger meals, but more frequent meals. If you’re the type of person who feels full fairly quickly, four to five smaller portions throughout the day could be better for you than a big breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

Make smoothies your friend 

If you’re not big on eating your meals, drinking them could be a good workaround for you. Invest in a blender, then combine fruits with regular or coconut milk, some ice, even some peanut butter or cacao powder, and blitz. Instant bliss and good nutrition, too. 

Choose kilojoule-dense foods 

Those foods that people losing weight have to keep an eye on? Go wild! Add nut butters to your toast, snack on seeds, dried fruit or avo – any type of food that’s rich in carbs, healthy fat or protein, but won’t leave you feeling stuffed. 

Have a little extra 

The same way that an extra spoon of this and that makes a difference when you’re losing weight, it’ll make a difference when you’re gaining weight, too. So add an extra scoop of this, an extra sprinkle of that, and look forward to a healthy, balanced weight gain. 

Treat yourself 

Gaining weight the healthy way doesn’t mean eating all the food all the time, but it does mean having a little of what you love every now and then, too. So if you want the cake, the burger, the chocolate or the takeaway, then eat it and enjoy your journey to healthy, happy living.

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