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Summer bodies are made all year round—how Boity keeps serving body goals

Image: Instagram

She's no fitness expert but media personality and rapper Boity Thulo's knows a thing or two about keeping a healthy body.

The 'Wuz Dat' hitmaker, who is constantly sharing sexy snaps of herself on social media, nearly broke the internet when she posted a picture wearing a high cut white bathing suit and matching white robe.

Well, if you're wondering how the local star does it, here are 10 tips for getting Boity's hot body, summer bodies are made all year round.

1. Exercise, at least five times a week. I know it’s a lot but I know you are up to it.

2. Workout wherever, whenever. It’s not essential to be a member of a gym. 'Sometimes my schedule didn’t allow me to get to a gym whilst at other times I worked out five times a week with a personal trainer. I’ve always chosen to use whatever was available to activate my goals,' explained Boity.

3. Go for a jog in the park. Choose hills for a challenge to really shed the kilos. Go cycling. These are great activities to increase your metabolism.

4. Start with a 10-minute high intensity (or a 20-minute low intensity workout) daily and as you get fitter, increase the time and intensity of the exercise to improve your stamina and reach your weight loss target.

5. You don’t necessarily have to exhaust yourself. A good fast-paced walk around the block also burns calories beautifully. Try walking or running up stairs.

6. Get yourself a skipping rope. Skipping exercises your entire body and you can easily lose almost 500 calories with half an hour of skipping.

7.  Weight train. Resistance exercises tone, shape and build muscle while breaking down fats. Don’t be afraid to train with weights. You will not get too big and will add those sexy lines you always dreamed of.

8. Hiking is great exercise activity that’s also fun. It will improve your muscle fitness and lift your spirits.

9. Do some high intensity dancing.

10. Yoga is great for stretching and flexibility.

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