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WATCH: 3 Five minute workouts to try today

Working out can be a drag. Finding time to work out can be even more of a mission. So, to help get you into shape, and get Summer body ready, here are three five minute workouts to try today (in the comfort of your own lounge, bedroom, or home workout studio).

Work your core

In this video, you’ll learn how to cram an intense abdominal workout into your busy schedule. Cassey Ho’s infectious personality will keep you motivated as you do five core-strengthening moves in five minutes.

Shape that booty

Want a shapely derriere like Beyonce? Then, you better get to work and pencil this three-minute workout from DJ and fitness fanatic Traci Steele into your daily planner.

Stretch it out

If you have 10 minutes to kill, then try fitting in this five-minute full body stretch, before going into beast mode with one of the other 2 workouts.

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