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WATCH: How Connie Ferguson's been keeping us motivated during lockdown

Connie Ferguson. Image: Instagram South African actress and fitness fanatic Connie Ferguson is serving some serious body goals during lockdown

For the past two months, Ferguson has been demonstrating the importance of consistency during this time.

Ferguson took her fitness journey to a whole new level by creating her fitness Instagram page @iconniecfit, where her fans can track her gym routine and fitness journey.

She has been posting Instagram videos of workouts and hosting live training sessions to help people stay committed to their fitness goals. 

Her dedication and stamina in the workout videos are on another level. “We challenged our stamina, our endurance and our strength, using our body weight” she captioned one of her videos. 

Over the past few years, the actress says she has always been active and fit. When she was younger she used to do Karate but she lost her passion due to work and family demands. However, she rediscovered her love for fitness during her struggle with depression.

Despite her hectic filming and production schedule, Connie always finds time for a sweat sesson and stays motivated. 

If you have been feeling a little discouraged or unmotivated to exercise: here's some inspiration to get you active and shedding those extra kilos. It’s so inspiring!

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