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Why physical health is so essential to our mental health

Positivity from the inside out.

Mental health is finally getting the voice that it needs and deserves with so many people speaking out, sharing their experiences and supporting each other.

Despite huge improvements surrounding the stigma of mental health, we still have a long way to go, so in this month’s post I wanted to celebrate the benefits looking after our physical health has on our mental health.

So many people see “being healthy” as a chore, something demanding and boring, when in reality, the typical attributes of a healthy lifestyle are far more natural for a human being to do than the modern way of life.

We’re obviously ever-evolving but in reality, our bodies are designed to move, they require water, certain nutrients and can much more easily digest foods found in their natural form.

With a rise in processed foods, drinking alcohol and a lot less physical jobs, I personally believe this could be having an effect on our mental health.

Now I know it is a lot more complex than that, mental health is extremely in depth and can be caused by so many factors; however our physical health must surely play a part in it?

How can exercise improve my mental health?

Physical exercise is actually one of the most effective ways to improve your mental health. Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, ADHD, anxiety and can also improve sleep, memory and just boosts your overall mood in general.

The good thing for anyone reading this that doesn’t yet enjoy exercise is that even just moderate amounts can make a positive difference.

Exercise isn’t just about muscular growth or losing weight, I don’t train just for the aesthetics or to keep my body fat percentage down, exercise gives me a huge sense of wellbeing.

If I’m feeling stressed I’ll go for a run or a long walk with the dog, because exercise is scientifically proven to release endorphins, it can reduce inflammation of the brain, encourages neural growth and can actually work as a great distraction or time out from stressful situations.

Happy Body, Happy Brain

I believe anyone feeling negative about themselves, their body, or their life, as well as anyone struggling with anxiety and/or other mental health issues, should really look into the benefits of exercise.

Remember that exercise is not there to make you look good but to make you feel good! Let’s remove the stigma around exercise being a chore or only for fit people.

Let’s start seeing it as a tool to help improve our mental, as well as our physical health. It is proven to be an effective way for everyone to lead a happier more positive life and it doesn’t have to cost a thing!

This story originally appeared on Glamour UK

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