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How to actually have an awesome at-home workout

Boutique fitness classes can cost you thousands, a price many women are willing to pay for the expertise of the instructors and the community of exercisers. But if you want a little of that vibe at home, here’s how to recreate your favourite studio sessions.

When you crave a treadmill class:

When you can’t get to the gym,  Aaptiv(from R199, App Store) is our saviour. You can download classes for treadmills, stationary bikes and ellipticals — no more hopping on a machine with no idea what to do. The instructor-created playlists match the music with the intensity, and the time flies.

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When you could use some one-on-one attention:

We’re addicted to the revamped Nike+ training and running apps(free, App Store); they cover everything. The algorithm customises a personal eight-week plan that includes running and strength training, and it adjusts your upcoming workouts if you unexpectedly crush a day, miss a session, or deviate from the plan by heading to yoga. And the form cues are so helpful — it’s as if the app is looking right at your wobbly single-leg squats.

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When you want to hit the barre:

We turn to Barre3., App Store) uploads new videos each week that’ll work you head to toe. Your kitchen chair makes a surprisingly good barre!

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