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How To Take Care of Ourselves During Our Menstrual Cycle

Our menstrual cycle stretches far beyond our period (as this is one phase of our entire cycle) and rather encompasses our wellbeing and health, both physical and emotional. Here are some ways we can take care of ourselves throughout our cycle:

1) Diet

Eat a healthy and balanced diet high in fibre and protein.

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2) Schedule Meals

Eat regular meals in order to manage blood sugar levels – contrary to popular belief intermittent fasting is generally not a good practice for women as it can impact our hormones negatively.

3) Keep hydrated

Drink lots of water.

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4) Engage in regular physical activity

Help boost overall wellbeing – this can even help alleviate PMS and period symptoms such as cramping.

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5) Relaxation

Practice relaxation techniques, like meditation or gentle yoga, to better manage stress and promote emotional wellbeing.

6) Rest and Rejuvenate

Listen to your body and rest when needed. Get enough sleep to support your energy levels.

Image Sourced from Pexels

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