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Idris Elba has just tested positive for Covid-19

ACTOR: Idris Elba. Picture: AP

Award winning actor and DJ Idris Elba has tested positive for Corona Virus. The actor took to his social media today (Monday 16th March) to announce the news. 

"I just got my test results and I tested positive for Corona virus," Elba said. 

He said he had no symptoms of the virus but decided to text this past Friday, after he found out that someone he was in contact with had the virus. 

"I am doing well and will keep you updated on how I feel. This is the time for us to exercise solidarity and take care of ourselves he said."

In the video Elba was seated next to his wife Sabrina who he explained hadn't done the test yet. 

"There are people who may have the virus and may not have symptoms," he added. 

See his full statement below;

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