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How to use moon mapping as a spiritual guideline to your life

There’s just something about the moon. How it lights up in the night sky as a bountiful ball of hope; how it ebbs and flows through each phase with ease, consistently appearing on the horizon at dusk. It’s never quite the same as the night before, yet always reliable and trustworthy. There are many natural forces with a cyclical pattern: the seasons, the days that pass by to make up a full calendar year, the movement of the planets through the twelve constellations of the zodiac, and even the menstrual cycle has a repetitive 28-day sequence.

But none of these connects us all quite like the moon. The lunar cycle applies to everyone. Each time we look at it, no matter where we are, it’ll always be the same. We know that our loved ones see the same moon as we do, regardless of the distance, time or space that keeps us apart. Perhaps this is why many cultures consider the moon such a powerful force. Ancient philosophers such as Aristotle and Paracelsus believed the full moon had the power to drive people to insanity, and modern words such as ‘lunatic’ and ‘lunacy’ are derived from the Latin word luna, meaning moon. The spiritual practice of ‘moon mapping’ takes this process even further. It involves using the lunar cycle as a guideline for our lives.

Each phase of the moon – from a new crescent to a waning gibbous – holds unique qualities and radiates special energy. During each, we’re encouraged to engage in certain rituals and activities to harness these energies and, in doing so, cultivate a more empowered relationship with our physical, mental, emotional, sexual and intuitive needs. At the same time, it functions as a productive method to manifest our goals and dream.

Before we can implement moon mapping into our lives, we need to understand the moon’s phases and what they mean for us:


This signifies the beginning of a cycle, and we should think of it as a cosmic reset. It’s a good time to set intentions and launch new projects. To harness this revitalising energy, it’s important to cultivate a new moon ritual. A great way to do this is to create a sacred space. Clear out a designated area in your home and fill it with objects, images, lists, crystals and anything that reminds you of what you’re calling in. During the full moon, use it as a meditation space. Light candles and burn incense whilst visualising your goals and reciting your affirmations. Journaling is also a good practice during the new moon. Write down everything you want to leave behind – that could be certain emotions, people, relationships and material possessions. Then, jot down everything you want to achieve and work towards during the new lunar cycle. A new moon is a clean slate to activate our highest potential.


This begins after the new moon and continues until the moon is full. During this period, which lasts approximately fourteen days, we’re building light and putting into action the intentions we set during the new moon. As the moon is waxing and growing from a tiny sliver in the sky to a big ball of light;,it’s a visual representation of how we use our power to turn our desires into a reality. The waxing moon illuminates our lives and exposes us to new ways of thinking, transformation, expansion and growth. This is an ideal time to start new projects, make connections, socialise, implement a new routine and take practical steps towards our goals. You may want to send out your CV to that prospective employer you’ve been eyeing, sign up for a gym, or perhaps let your crush know about the feelings you’ve been bottling up. It’s important to continue to manifest and visualise during this period, but also ensure that your actions back it up.


This is when the sun illuminates the entire moon, making it as full, round and bright as can be. It represents completion, abundance, transformation and fertility. This is when the seeds from the new moon and our work during the waxing moon comes to fruition. It’s a time to rejoice, celebrate life and appreciate everything we’ve achieved. The full moon radiates a beautiful, mystical energy and influences us to feel more energetic and social. It raises our intuitive and psychic abilities and offers an opportune time to indulge in selfcare, restorative and healing practices. Offer gratitude during the full moon to set in motion even more abundance and prosperity for the new moon ahead.


This decreases in size until it approaches its ‘new phase’ once again. Just as the waxing moon encourages us to be more expansive and outgoing, the waning moon inspires us to become more introspective by downsizing and simplifying our life. It’s a time to purge and clear out clutter, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Let go of negative people, situations, behavioural patterns and emotions you’d like to heal. The waning moon is an inward journey of self-discovery, giving us the peace of mind and confidence to take on all we’ve set out to achieve during the next lunar cycle.

Whatever your sentiments on the moon, its natural cycle of growth and rebirth offers a valuable life lesson: just like the moon, people must go through phases of emptiness so as to feel full again. Moon mapping encourages us to appreciate what we have, be mindful of where we’re going, and peacefully remove anything that hinders our progress.

This article was originally published in the September issue of Glamour SA. Grab your digital copy, here.

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