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Take a peek into Chronically Delulu - a new podcast by Leah De Góis

Digital creator Leah De Góis is a face you might have seen on the latest TRESemmé campaign or your TikTok for you page. The Cape Town-based creator has amassed thousands of followers and has now broadened her scope into the podcasting realm with her new show Chronically Delulu.

What prompted the move into podcasting and what’s behind the name Chronically Delulu?

I feel like there’s a level of intimacy with podcasting, and I feel that’s why there’s possibly been a larger shift towards audiences gravitating towards longer form content in general. The reason I decided to start a podcast, is to further build on that relationship with my audience. When you dive into this world, there’s almost an uninterrupted level of connection between the creator and the listener. I want to create a safe space for my audience to come and sit and listen, whilst at the same time feel heard, supported and empowered.

The name “chronically delulu” comes from the word “delusional”, and chronically being in a state of constant delusion - which I usually refer to myself to. In my opinion, delusional and delulu aren’t necessarily the same - delusional is a lot more serious and in a state of detachment or unaware, whereas delulu is more of a light hearted response to the constant challenges that we as young adults face in current society.

What has the reception been like and do you find young women are looking for a community they can be a part of?

The reception has been amazing! Absolutely, whether we realise it or not, we all crave community and sisterhood as humans and I am so grateful for the space and the community I’ve been able to create!

Who is inspiring you right now? What are you listening to, watching and reading?

I’m literally obsessed with Sarah Bahbah, she’s a Palestinian artist/photographer/art director and she recently released a coffee table book called “Dear Love” which features a decade worth of her work. I’ve been following her for years and her art is so captivating.

Everything she puts out into the world is incredible! Also as disturbing as it was I really enjoyed Saltburn from a technical perspective, the styling and the visuals were incredible I’m literally obsessed, and the general storyline (minus the odd disturbing scene) was really interesting for me, I love how it divulges into the British class system. I find it super interesting and it made me want to learn more! Also Jacob Elordi.

Where can people listen to your show and is there anything else on the cards for 2024?

For now Spotify and Apple Podcasts. I’m really hoping to up my setup game this year and shoot some YouTube content too, but nevertheless 2024 is going to be great!

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