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Treat yo’ scalp!

Treat yo' scalp!From braids to heat styling, the things we do to our hair have an effect on our scalps – and the upkeep of our style. So we turned to the experts at Darling Hair for some advice on how to protect and strengthen our locks and scalps without losing our glam factor.

1 Get touchy-feely

We mean on your head! Massaging your shampoo into your scalp helps loosen dead skin cells and increases circulation. Goodbye, dandruff!

2 Do it in reverse

Giving your hair a shampoo on the regular helps maintain its health, but did you know using your conditioner first will also keep it soft and supple? No? Well, now you know.

3 Change it up

We all know eating well, exercising regularly and using the correct products are good for your hair. But did you know that changing up your parting will also invigorate your strands? Plus, it will give you loads of new styling options!

4 Less is more

By now, the golden rule of always applying product when you use any type of heat styler should be common knowledge. Opt for water-based products that will hydrate your strands and only apply as needed. Even better? Skip styling one day a week to give your scalp and strands a break.

Sadly, bad hair days are prevalent during the cold months… But we’ve got you covered with our winter hair protection plan. And DO check out these 19 hair tips we adore!

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