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5 Relationship warning signs to look out for

5 Relationship warning signs to look out forIn your relationships, it helps to know whether you’re in lust or in love and to make your relationship decisions accordingly. For instance, it might not be ideal to move in with someone when you’re still in lust and pretty much all you’re doing is sleeping together!

In the interest of safety, look out for these warning signs when you’re attracted to someone. Relationships should be comfortable, invigorating and fun. When they’re not, it’s a sign that maybe you should move on.

5 Relationship warning signs

  1. A little voice in your head is telling you to “watch out”.
  2. After you’ve been together and parted ways, you feel drained or relieved.
  3. There is a dark or destructive aspect to your relationship.
  4. Your new partner seems to be using you for something.
  5. The way your new partner is treating you makes you feel uncomfortable. But you’re afraid to bring it up, in case you push him or her away.

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