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Your self-tan questions, answered!

Your self-tan questions, answered!It’s time to show off your bronzed limbs! Luckily you don’t have to go into the sun to get that golden glow. Caribbean Tan expert and mobile tan therapist, Julia Madison is here to help with your bronzing concerns.

When I self-tan, I really struggle with streaks. What am I doing wrong?

Use a mitt and blend your product into your skin in circular motions. Rubbing upwards or downwards leads to streaks.

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There are so many self-tan textures – when should I use a mousse, spray or lotion?

Look out for words like ‘instant’ and ‘gradual’ on the packaging. An ‘instant’ tan is easier to use if you’re applying for your first time because you’ll be able to see where you’re applying the product. Apply it before bedtime, then all you need to do is sleep and shower in the morning.

When it comes to texture, follow this guide:

  • Mousse is great for a first-time application. It dries quickly and can be used in the morning before work to prepare for an event that night.
  • Aerosols and spritzers take a little more time to dry. Allow 5 to 10 minutes before putting loose dark clothing on.

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How can I stop my tan from fading in patches?

Prep and maintenance are key here. Make sure you shave and exfoliate properly all over your body at least 24 hours before your tan application. Then, apply a hydrating body butter every day to keep the skin moisturised. Avoid swimming and excessive sweating, too.

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I’ve gone too dark with my colour and it looks unnatural. What do I do now?

Run a hot bath and put a cup of baby oil into the water. Soak for as long as possible to lift the colour. You can also try gently buffing your body with an exfoliating glove to get the top layers of the skin off, which will help fade the tan faster.

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I have a wedding on the weekend, how many days beforehand should I do the tan?

I highly recommend doing a tan trial a least one month before a big event. That way, you can make sure you’re happy with the shade. Then, it’s best to have your tan applied two days before the wedding. The important thing is to be able to shower a minimum of two times before you put on the dress/outfit.

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