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How to work the weights section like a boss

How to work the weights section like a bossYou walk into the gym confidently, determined to crush your workout. Today’s the day you’re going to start lifting weights, burning fat and building lean muscles. You stride purposefully towards the weights section… and then turn right back around and walk away. But why?

1 It’s full of men

Yup, most likely. Grunting and groaning and bulging with muscles. It’s intimidating, it’s scary, and it’s the most common reason for women avoiding the weights section. But the truth is if you let a bunch of guys scare you off, you’re not doing yourself or your fitness any favours. Take the plunge and walk in. Sure, you may get a few looks the first couple of times, but so what? Most of the guys in the weights section are serious about their workouts, so if they can see you’re serious about yours, you’ll get the respect and acceptance you’re looking for – and probably even some help if you ever need it.

2 It’s confusing

Barbells, dumbbells and benches. Oh, my. Where to even start? If you can afford it, hiring a personal trainer for even a few sessions can be a hugely valuable investment. You’ll learn proper form and technique, and you’ll know what exercises to do with what equipment. If your budget’s too tight, ask a friend with some lifting experience to give you pointers, do research online and on YouTube, and ask questions on internet forums and social media. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to avoid injury, and get the most value from your workout.

3 It’s too busy

If you go during peak hours, it can be difficult to get near a bench or a squat rack. Try going at off-peak times, like weekend afternoons and very early mornings. If that’s not an option, you’ll just have to suck it up and talk. Ask if people are using certain equipment, when they’ll be done with it, and even if you can slot in during their rest breaks. You’ll also have to be prepared to change the order of your workout if the equipment you need isn’t free at the right time. It’s not ideal, but it can certainly be done. So leave your excuses at the door, and go get your lift on!

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