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Should you make up or break up?

When to break up your relationship
So you’ve hit a relationship snag. Maybe you’ve had a fight, maybe you’re in a rut, maybe you’re feeling unappreciated in general. Do you fight for your relationship or do you move on? Making the decision can be tough, so before you decide whether to stay or go, take a look at our tips to recognising when it’s time to call it a day. 

When the same pattern keeps repeating itself 

Constantly arguing about the same issues with no definite resolution can be a significant red flag.

When you’ve lost your identity 

If you feel unable to be yourself, pursue your own interests or do what makes you happy, it’s time to go solo and rediscover what makes you you. 

When you’re upset all the time 

Being sad, tearful or depressed most of the time is no way to live – you need to make the move to a happier, more positive space on your own. 

When you keep hoping things will change 

Staying in a relationship hoping things will eventually change is a sure sign that they won’t. Time to change your own behaviour and move on. 

When you feel alone 

If it feels as if you’re the only one committed to making your relationship work, you need to recommit to your own happiness as an individual, rather than part of a couple. 

When the good times seem like a long time ago 

If the past was a happier, brighter place than the present, it’s a sign that your relationship doesn’t have a healthy future. 

When you feel bitter 

Resentment isn’t a good place to be. Don’t let an unhealthy relationship steal your joy. Move onwards and upwards, and reconnect with your own inner fabulousness! 

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