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5 Biggest skin saboteurs

Luminous, smooth, glowing, soft skin. We all want it!

Radiance is what takes your skin from decent to drop-dead gorgeous. We know about the sun damage that comes with the summer sun and we know about the effect that smoking can have on our skin’s radiance… but what about the other little factors that leave us looking dull?

Here are the other, more surprising things that can flick off your skin’s light switch.

1 The thermostat 

Aircon (and heating for that matter) is one of the most common causes of dryness. And if you work in an air-conditioned office all day we bet your complexion is suffering. A simple solution to the problem? Invest in a humidifier and an intense moisturising cream.

2 Lack of sleep

You’ve heard that old saying about getting your ‘beauty sleep’, right? Your skin can rebound from a late night or two, but if you usually get less than six hours sleep, it will catch up with you eventually.

3 Too much caffeine 

Caffeine is like kryponite! It’s super dehydrating.

4 Junk food and booze

OK, you may want put down that donut and take a seat before we hit you with this bombshell… sugar breaks down collagen and elastin, causing wrinkles and dullness over time. Alcohol is just as bad. It’s causes inflammation which makes skin red and dry.

5 Stress

Fact: When you’re stressed out your cortisol levels go up. High cortisol levels cause inflammation in the skin. The result? Dullness.

Still not sure if your skin is dehydrated or just dry? Read this. Plus, follow this tips and you’ll have gorgeous, glowy skin all season long.

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