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6 Steps to smoother skin

Who wouldn’t want smoother, brighter and happier skin? Here’s how to make skin look perfect (even if it’s not!).

1 Prep your face

Clean and moisturise, then exfoliate to remove pigment-filled dead cells. Apply an SPF30 followed by a radiance-enhancing moisturiser.

2 Apply primer

“It mattifies your face, minimises pores and decreases the appearance of dark spots,” explains makeup artist Cheryl Parker. Apply a thin layer under foundation.

3 Foundation time!

“Test colour on your jawline, then check it out in daylight,” says Cheryl. “The shade’s correct if it disappears without blending”. Your skin tone changes from winter to summer, so always swap products accordingly. Go for a silky formula that dries matte.

4 Swipe it on right

For light coverage, apply foundation with fingers onto pigmented areas and your T-zone. For an airbrushed finish, use a sponge to blend, starting in the middle of the face and working out. Apply two layers to trouble areas.

5 Conceal it 

“Dab an angled brush dipped in concealer one shade lighter than your skin on the centre of pigmented spots and blend with fingers,” says Cheryl.

6 Add shimmer

Apply powder over concealer with a puff to absorb oil. Then dust a shimmer mist over the entire face, adding extra pigmented areas to deflect light.

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