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Glamour Women's Month Series: Meet Lorinda Voges, who knows how to make your PR dreams actually come true

Elvee Consultancy is owned by the former founder of 4Elements Media, Lorinda Voges. Elvee Consultancy specialises in Media Relations, Digital Marketing, Event Management, and Influencer Campaigns.

Glamour: What does women’s month mean to you?

Lorinda Voges: Women’s Month is a great time to all stop and reflects on the attributes women have had on the building and shaping of our future. I am so blessed to be surrounded by dynamic women in my personal life and workplace. I only have a list of female clientele; they have all shaped and helped me become the person I am. I do not only celebrate them in August, I celebrate and am deeply grateful for them every day of my life.

G: Why is it important to celebrate the women of South Africa?

LV: I often celebrate how far I have come and the women in my life have come, reminding them of their growth, value and achievements. Today, women still face many challenges, such as gender stereotypes, discrimination and bias. The mere rise in domestic violence and other issues women have endured because of the pandemic should be talked about and addressed. The more we realise we are not alone in our battles, the more courage we have. When we feel seen, we take that first crucial step into our power and I truly want to do as much as I can to empower the women I work with and that are in my life.

G: What inspires you to be successful?

LV: Success to mean stepping up in my divine purpose and power as a woman. To have a voice, to create change and be impactful to our planet by living a purpose driven life of intent and mindfulness.

G: What do you think is the most significant barrier to female success?

LV: Governmental and institutional mindsets are the most significant barriers and are the primary reason we don’t see more women thrive in what they do. The fact that in South Africa alone, we still struggle with literacy issues amongst women and violence against women with no real change should indicate that these barriers need to be broken down and changed. We can only see change if we rise and demand change as a female collective.

G: Your biggest motivation?

LV: My biggest motivation is to step into my power and purpose, to align with my core values, to grow spiritually and to heal my traumas so I can help those around me.

G: What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

LV: Find freedom in your uniqueness. Being sensitive and an empath is not a weakness, it is your biggest strength.

G: Which women are on your radar and why?

LV: I am deeply inspired by my friends Aisha Baker and Tayla Davis. My client Kerri-Lee Taylor from Kiko Vitals inspires me with how she is building a strong community of female warriors that are in-tune with their divine feminine self.

G: What’s your message to women in business?

LV: Find balance. In you and your surroundings. You do not always need to be getting stuff done. Sometimes it is perfectly okay and necessary to do nothing and simply rest.

G: How are you celebrating women’s month?

LV: By celebrating the amazing women in my life through small acts of kindness and appreciation.

G: The best advice you’ve received to date and from who?

LV: I have read on Instagram once that the journey of entrepreneurship is the deepest spiritual journey of them all. If you want to come face to face with your biggest fears, everything that is holding you back and heal your deepest wounds- start entrepreneurship as it will be your fastest way into this work.

Entrepreneurship is NOT FOR THE WEAK as you will be tested every single day to see yourself more clearly and to get out of your own way.

The journey to success will be your greatest pain and fears that you have struggled with your whole life-congratulations!

Entrepreneurship is a deep soul calling as it is your journey of self mastery!

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