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Hailey Bieber says it’s hard to find anti-ageing products at her age

The 24-year-old model admits she struggles to find beauty products which can help her with anti-ageing properties as she's in her 20s and most are geared towards the older market.

Speaking about BareMinerals' Ageless Phyto-Retinol collection, which she is fronting with her mother, she said: "I think being able to find products to start with the anti-ageing process can be tricky at my age, because you don’t want to use anything too harsh.

“What I like about this collection is that it’s super gentle because it is plant-based.

“It doesn’t feel like it strips the skin or makes it flaky – I love the face cream and eye cream ... I am trying to stay on top of remembering to put products on my neck."

And Hailey praised her mother Kennya Baldwin for passing on her love of SPF and suncream.

She added to of her mother's beauty routine: "She’s kept her face out of the sun for a really long time and been really diligent about [wearing] SPF and making sure she’s protecting her face from the sun.

“She looks amazing, and she’s never had any Botox or anything done.

“She did that by just eating healthy and protecting herself from the sun.

“Listen, I love the sun and I put my body in it, but I don’t leave the house without wearing SPF everyday because I think it’s really important."

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