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I Tried This Charcoal-coloured Serum And Here's Why I Love It!

Over the last couple of months, my skin has been through the most. Being back in the office has meant environmental aggressors have come into play, my skin has had to readjust to wearing makeup for the majority of the day. With that being said - I have been noticing an increase in hormonal breakouts and my skin looking somewhat dull (in my opinion). Back in my teens and early twenties I struggled with acne beneath the skin and was also super conscious of leaving the house with a bare skin. Today, one of my biggest concerns is still congestion - so I’m always looking for ways to diminish and exfoliate my pores.

I started my Skin Republic journey a couple of months ago with the simplest 3-step skincare routine. Which my skin has undoubtedly loved. Since I’ve been an avid user and lover of their serums, there could not have been a better time to introduce the new powerhouse dual function AHA + BHA 10% Complex Charcoal Serum with unique acid complex + charcoal. The charcoal-coloured serum becomes clear once rubbed into your skin is a first for me, and unheard of, especially for the colour - can you imagine black all over your skin? I am so ready to say hello to simplicity and brighter skin and goodbye to any pimple-pore-related skincare stress!

Skin Republic AHA + BHA 10% Complex Charcoal Serum R250



Is made from plant sources and exfoliates the surface of the skin, removing dead skin cells. This means you’ll be saying hello to new smooth and silky growing skin cells.

BHA (salicylic acid):

This happens to be one of my favourite ingredients as someone who has oily and acne-prone skin. Known as a multifunctional ingredient that fights many acne causes and exfoliates and cleans within the pores improving skin thickness and assisting with collagen production. Its antimicrobial properties = an effective breakout treatment


The queen of skin purifying, reducing excess oil and drawing out dirt, and bacteria from the skin pores all while preventing acne and rejuvenating your skin.

All of the above may sound too good to be true, but clinical results have proven that this serum has a 48% reduction in oil production after just two weeks and visibly reduces pimples after seven days of use. (this is a result I can’t wait to witness!)

Skin Republic AHA + BHA 10% Complex Charcoal Serum Is ideal for anyone with acne-prone, oily or sensitive skin, this dual product is a simple yet effective addition to your daily skincare routine. It helps you (gently) achieve healthy skin. For more information, visit Skin Republic.

Available for purchase from R250 at Dis-Chem, Clicks, and

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