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Olivia Rodrigo’s skincare routine

Olivia Rodrigo shares details of her skincare routine and reveals she has had bad breakouts since wearing face masks.

The 'good 4 u' hitmaker has revealed she had a bout of dermatitis and believes it's down to having to wear protective face coverings amid the coronavirus pandemic and using products that didn't agree with her skin.

As a result, the 18-year-old pop superstar likes to keep her skincare routine to a bare minimum.

In a video for Vogue, she explained: “I had the worst case of dermatitis, where I just broke out all around my mouth, and it was awful. I think it was wearing masks a lot, and also, using a bunch of products that irritated my skin. And so my dermatologist said, okay, cut everything out of your skincare routine, just wash your face. And that’s sort of why my skincare and make-up routine and stuff is so simple. I think less is more with skincare, a lot of the time."

And the 'driver's license' hitmaker insisted she doesn't expect miracles from her skin as she is still a teenager.

She said: “I cannot expect to have perfect skin all the time … my skin loves breaking out on my chin and on my nose. The masks definitely don’t help with the acne."

Elsewhere, Olivia revealed she swears by hair supplement OLLY gummies for her luscious locks.

She said: “I love these OLLY gummies, I’m obsessed with them. I started taking them a year ago, and I actually think that my hair really improved. They’re also just delicious, and also the highlight of my morning is eating two of these because they’re so yummy."

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