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Inside the riveting polo and fashion at the Pink Polo presented by Biomedical Emporium

If there is something we at GLAMOUR HQ love it's dressing up and having a good time, and if it's for a good cause, even better. That is exactly what happened this past weekend when we attended the Pink Polo at Val de Vie Estate. This year's ‘Polo with a Purpose’ was presented by Biomedical Emporium.

Biomedical Emporium, pioneers in skin care and professional treatments, was the headline sponsor for the first time for this prestigious event. Dr Judey, Biomedical Scientist and CEO of Biomedical Emporium remarks that: “As a partner of Pink Polo, we aim to provide awareness of optimal and aesthetic healing using some of the most advanced biotechnology for breast cancer patients who have had mastectomy surgery. Furthermore, our range of cosmeceutical products contain safe and gentle ingredients suitable for use for patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, specifically to assist with skin conditions associated with the side effects of cancer treatments.”

The event payed tribute to survivors of breast cancer and serves as a platform to raise awareness for a disease that is most prevalent in women, but also affects a high number of men. 

Here's a look inside the event; 

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