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PICHULIK’s F/W 2022 collection is a symbol of hope and optimism

South African jewellery brand Pichulik have launched their Fall/Winter 2022 collection.

Titled Terra Therma, the collection is a symbol of hope and optimism. After a turbulent year filled with corruption, disease and devastation, Terra Therma seeks to “look beyond beyond the devastation and destruction, towards a time when the embers are glowing, the smoke is settling and from the ashes of the old, a new cycle of rejuvenation and growth begins.”

Like pods that can only open to release their seedlings through the signal of smoke, PiCHULIK’s Terra Therma asks the question: After this, then what?

The jewellery designs explore the notion of cycles and resilience.

Interconnecting links and the bold use of brass are signature features while the colour palette is tawny with varying subtle hues of a fynbos landscape baked by the sun or scorched by fire.

The repetitive wrapping technique in the Sierra and Fiamma earrings and Gaia pendant invoke a rhythmic continuity while the lava stones in the Lurra and the Ember earrings are charred relics of a time in transition.

The earthy colour pallette is juxtaposed with unexpected pops of airforce and disa blue - a beckoning of something new in emergence.

Pichulik’s handcrafted, ethical jewellery are a collection of sculptural accessories that celebrate empowering feminine narratives.

Each piece is made from re-purposed rope, combined with cast-brass elements, precious stones and unexpected organic material.

See more of PICHULIK’s Terra Therma collection below:

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