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5 jewellery trends for Winter 2022

According to Kristin Weixelbaumer of jewellery brand Black Betty, winter 2022 is all about making a statement. “It is the year of the Tiger - a symbol of passion, courage, love and energy - emotions that are best projected in statement jewellery pieces,” she says. Here she outlines five trends to look out for:

Pearls are back

The modest Pearl is back with a vengeance and flaunting a range of modern settings. The Pearl is unique in that its appeal has transcended generations, age and culture. Not all Pearls are formed perfectly symmetrical and unblemished and Weixelbaumer says that that’s where the appeal lies. “Celebrating the originality of these beauties, just like the uniqueness of individuals, is what makes the Pearl so special. This winter, choose baroque-inspired Pearl bracelets and feminine asymmetrical earrings to complete your look.

The chunkier the better

Image: Black Betty

This season we’ll be channelling eighties vibes with chunkier-than-usual gold chains on all fronts. Earrings, necklaces and rings are all following suit and contrasting beautifully with soft woollen scarves for colder months.

Floral inspirations

Image: Black Betty

Summer might have drawn to a close, but we’re not forgetting the blooms that made us happy. Choose jewellery with colour inspirations from nature to keep you light and bright this winter, like this floral-inspired cluster ring or a beautiful pair of statement earrings, inspired by a lotus flower in bloom in silver or gold.

Zodiac inspired pieces

Image: Black Betty

It has been said that our astrological footprint and birthstone plays a pivotal role in guiding our desires and life callings. This winter, wear your birthstone or zodiac stone to tap into your own personal power.

Signet rings

There’s nothing better than a piece of jewellery that sets a trend and is also a possible heirloom. Signet rings have been around for many years, but the chunky accessory is back just in time for winter - and better yet - can be personalised to your own unique style or family crest.

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