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The lazy girl’s guide to spring cleaning your closet

We know you hate it, we know how long it takes, we know how tedious it is… But spring is synonymous with one thing: cleaning. And all fashionistas know that the cleaning doesn’t stop when you get to your closet.

Think of clearing out your wardrobe as a fresh start, a chance to create some breathing room not only for your own sanity, but also to clear some space for new summer threads! Yes, we know it’s a drag, but just imagine how good you’ll feel once all your winter wear has been packed in storage and your cute summer skirts and dresses are all nicely displayed and accessible.

To help you turn your closet into a truly happy place, we’ve got some spring cleaning tips which will ensure the process doesn’t end in a wardrobe malfunction… or tears.

1 Get into the mood

Let’s face it, some good beats make doing just about anything easier. Get energised by jamming your fave summer festival tunes as loud as possible. Create a stress-free environment by opening up your curtains (bright light equals a lite spirit), and make sure you’re wearing comfy clothes. FYI: PJs are totally acceptable. Finally, fire yourself up by searching ‘organised closets’ on Pinterest – major inspiration!

2 Create a clean slate

This may sound pretty daunting, but we really suggest removing everything from your closets. Yes, everything. This is like an unspoken commitment to yourself to not do this half-heartedly. You will be surprised at how much stuff you have accumulated. Doing this will help you identify those ‘placeholders’; long forgotten items taking up valuable space in your wardrobe. Once everything has come out of the closet, you’ll be able to clearly see what you have to work with.

3 The great divide

Here comes the hard part: it’s time to decide what goes and what stays. Approach the mass of clothes on your bedroom floor and start separating your items into two piles, one for the wanted pieces and one for the unwanted. Remember to be ruthless. We stand by the “one year” rule – if you haven’t worn it in the past year, you’re never going to.

4 Box it up

Now that you’ve determined what things you no longer want to keep, you need to decide what to do with them. The best way to do this is while an STD system – Sell, Toss, Donate. Grab three boxes and start sorting: if it’s tattered, stained or unwearable put it in the Toss box; if it’s wearable but can’t be resold put it in the Donate box; if it’s in great condition or a good brand put it in the Sell box.

5 Get organised

All you’re left with now is the good stuff that you want to keep. Categorise all your items according to type, and then sort them according to season. Take the time to neatly fold and hang all your clothing. If anything is creased, give it a quick iron. While you’re at it, give your cupboards and closet a quick dusting. Once everything is ordered, you’re ready to move on to the final step.

6 Pack it up

Visualise where you want each category of clothing to go in your wardrobe. Your space needs to be organised logically, so start by packing away your winter wear that you won’t be needing for some time. Heavy coats go to the back of the closet, and boots go to the bottom of your shoe rack. Now that your winter clothing is hidden, pack away your summer clothes while maintaining order. Hang your clothes by type (ie: dresses go with dresses, shirts with shirts etc), colour or by outfit – whatever is going to work for you. You’ll find choosing an outfit every morning will become a really pleasant task!

Now that you’ve cleaned out your closet, try ‘spring cleaning’ your diet, or ‘spring cleaning’ your career!

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