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These were the biggest fashion trends of 2023, according TikTok

What a year it has been for TikTok trends. And when it comes to fashion, there have been some corkers this year. While some TikTok fashion trends come and go, there's a few that hang on in there for a while longer, standing the test of time over the course of 2023.

This year, there was no shortage of TikTok-bred fashion trends. There were a few seasonal, some in celebration of certain big screen releases (you know exactly what film we're referring to) and others that spun off the back of some of 2023's biggest cultural moments, like Gwyneth Paltrow's viral court case. From the hyper-feminine “girl” trends — read: #CoastalCowGirl and #TomatoGirl – to the year's ruling visual aesthetics — #Barbiecore and #Mermaidcore — some of the most major fashion moments from this year were inspired by TikTok content.

We'll admit, we didn't dig them all. For starters, our fashion editor Charlie was well and truly over pink by the time Barbie hit the big screen, while other trends like #SoftGirl and #VanillaGirl seemed to herald an emphasis on stereotypical femininity and whiteness. Not what we'd call very inclusive.

On the other hand, there were other trends that we simply could not get enough of. #CoastalCowGirl gave us a chance to dive headfirst into a boho-meets-country look, while #TomatoGirl offered the chance to infuse every day in the dreary old UK with the colours and feelings of a Mediterranean holiday.

All in all, it's been a year of creativity, experimentation and self-expression — and TikTok has been at the helm of it all. Here are 2023's biggest fashion trends, according to the platform…

1. #barbiecore (1.1 billion views)

Barbie style is all about looking pretty in pink. And while Barbie pink was everywhere over the summer thanks to Greta Gerwig's record-breaking film, the hue actually belongs to Pierpaolo Piccioli, as far as fashion’s concerned. Valentino’s creative director dedicated his entire autumn/winter 2022 collection to the hot pink shade, which was developed in collaboration with Pantone. And it was going nowhere in 2023.

By the looks of things, our Barbie obsession isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Just this month, Sydney Sweeney paid homage to the pink-loving doll on the red carpet.

@kateobyrne slightly pink obsessed 🎀![CDATA[]]>🌷![CDATA[]]>👛![CDATA[]]>🌸 #fashiontiktok #fyp #foryoupage #barbie #barbiemovie #outfitinspo #outfitideas #springfashion #barbiegirl #barbietiktok #barbiethemovie #pinktok #girlythings #barbiecore #ootd ♬ original sound - Candle Jenner [Daily Memes]

2. #mermaidcore (709.5 million views)

One of the hottest trends of the summer is a look that needs a resurgence in time for the New Year. Iridescent, silver, or otherwise watery colours in clothing or makeup are a must. Braids and fishtail hairstyles, accompanied by beachy or wet-appearing waves, are also frequent trend staples.

@marinatingmari PART 2 of Mermaidcore #mermaidcore #mermaidcoreaesthetic #mermaidcorefashion #mermaids #styletips #styleadvice #stylist #officestyle #workwardrobe #workwear #corporategirlies #part2 #motelrocks ♬ Kawaii Aesthetic - LoES

3. #softgirlaesthetic (347.6 million views)

Whilst the hyper-feminine, pastel-hued look first appeared last autumn, the style made its stealthy return in 2023. Think puff-sleeve dresses, peplum tops, polo shirts, and cosy cardigans for the perfect autumn look.

@sne_mthembu_ Into ethule 😮‍💨 Top: H&M Pants: Zara Shoes: Country Road Bag: Forever New #cleanblackgirl #cleangirlaesthetic #neutraloutfit ♬ original sound - Cynthia.m

4. #CoastalCowgirl (217.7 million views)

Similar to last year’s #CoastalGrandmother, which combined beach-wear with simple fashion, the #CoastalCowgirl combines coastal living with a Western aesthetic. The result is a unique look that stands out in any environment and represents carefree living.

@allisonkelley_ Zara really said coastal cowgirl aesthetic #zarahaul #springzaratrends ♬ original sound - Allison Kelley

5. #quietluxury (439.7 million views)

This aesthetic can be described as a wardrobe filled with logoless designer items and timeless accessories. Think simple and (quietly) expensive old money vibes. Some question the sheer privilege of this trend, but it's undeniably chic nonetheless.

@yadeswardrobe Quiet luxury inspo ✨ #quietluxury #blackgirltiktok #fashionfyp #thatgirl #casualoutfits #trendyoutfits #springoutfits2023 ♬ original sound - r

6. #blokette (61.1 million views)

A mash up of the #blokecore (520.2 million views) and #coquette (13.6 billion) TikTok fashion trends, this aesthetic is characterised by vintage sportswear styled in whimsical and girly ways. It's giving Bend It Like Beckham-meets-it-girl and we are so here for it.

@celestegoyenaa another style bundle #stylebundle #sustainablefashion #secondhandfashion #thriftedfashion #blokette ♬ Jungle Back on 74 - Shay’s Dance Archive

8. #tomatogirl (30.4 million views)

Influenced by Mediterranean and European holidays, the trend is all about wearing bold colours like red teamed with woven bags one would find in Italy. Summer 2024 can't come soon enough.

@atosaaghakhani I decided to try out the tomato girl makeup trend and here’s what I came up with 🍅 Also I’m ditching the filters. I look back to some of my old videos where I would unnecessarily filter myself. Now I’m trying to throw away those old insecurities day by day. Products @Charlotte Tilbury beautiful skin foundation (4n) @beautyblender blending sponge @r.e.m. beauty concealer (medium 4n) @REFY cream bronzer (sand) and duo face brush @Saie dew blush (spicy) and air set radiant loose setting powder (translucent) @Sigma Beauty e40 tapered blending brush @Kosas air brow (dark brown) @Lancôme lash idole waterproof mascara charlotte tilbury hot lips lipstick (red hot susan) @Stila Cosmetics eye shadow (kitten) @sephoracanada fan brush #trendingmakeup #trendingmakeuplook #trendingmakeupchallenge #tomatogirl #tomatogirlmakeup ♬ Somethin' Stupid - Frank Sinatra & Nancy Sinatra

9. #balletcore (53.2 million views)

Inspired by the fashion week runways of Marie Adam Leenaerdt, Adeam and Alain Paul, this style is all about floaty skirts, leotards, and simple colours.

@julianaherzwastaken My take on ballet core makeup using @ILIA Beauty ♬ so this is love - soft girl aesthetic

10. #SustainableFashion (5.1 billion views) #thrift (14.5 billion views) and #upcycling (10.9 billion views)

We're seeing sustainability and circular fashion content become a massive focus for TikTok's fashion creators. Hashtags like #ecofashion (34.1 million views) and #secondhandfashion (1 billion views) have prompted billions of views between them, inspiring the community to make use of existing pieces in new, creative ways while engaging with new trends.

@bjaxart I think ima do more of these from now on 🥰☀️ #sustainablefashion #crochet ♬ Island In The Sun - Weezer

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