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5 things you can do to give back this Mandela Day

On Monday, July 18, the world will be celebrating Nelson Mandela’s birthday. As usual, Nelson Mandela Day is not a holiday but a day when one can lend a helping hand.

To help those in need, here are some of the five things that you can do to give back to the community.

Feed the poor

You don’t have to cook a feast, but making sandwiches and soup or tea for those starving can go a long way. It will also save you some money since the cost of living is too high.

Clothe the children

Most of us have pre-loved clothes that we no longer wear. Sort out your wardrobe space and give away clothes that no longer fit to those who need them the most.

And if you have children, perhaps they also have clothes they no longer wear. Wash those clothes and pack them nicely for those children who are struggling.

Keep the homeless warm

If you have old blankets you no longer need, wash them and give them to the homeless people.

Buy a struggling family groceries

You cannot feed the whole nation, but if you can, perhaps you can buy one family some groceries. Get them a hamper with essentials that can last them longer.

Clean up for a depressed person

Most people who suffer from depression find it hard to clean up their spaces. Some are even afraid to ask for help because of the fear of being judged. If you know someone in such a situation, volunteer to clean up for them and give them hope.

This article was originally published on IOL.

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