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Exclusive Q&A with Alessandro Gensini of Nomination Italy

Nomination Italy recently launched its first flagship store in Cape Town at the V&A Waterfront. We caught up with Managing Director, Alessandro Gensini ahead of Valentine’s Day.

It’s the month of love and Nomination Italy’s presence in the Mother City is not only iconic but fitting. Alessandro shares that the brand name has a beautiful origin and meaning. “It comes from the Latin word NOMINATIO = to give birth to something. When my father started the business and created the first Composable bracelet, a personalizable and modular bracelet, in the 80s, he wanted to create a precious and modern bracelet that everyone could wear and share. Our bracelet became a symbol of relationship and belonging.”

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Here, he chats to us about what’s in a name, a bracelet, and shares his message for Valentine’s Day.

Glamour: Welcome to SA and congratulations on this exciting feat! What's the significance of the location for you?

Alessandro Gensini: The location is extremely important because of the city we are in and the notorious Mall: a destination not only for local people but also for tourists coming from all over the world. A flagship store in Cape Town represents our Italian Style for the second time for all people reaching the country from Africa and for all over the world.

Glamour: Please talk to us about your role and what it entails?

AG: I'm the Marketing Director of the brand, but more important than this, I'm the co-owner, with my family, of this beautiful brand. I follow every step to the development of the business and bright together with my brother the same passion that my father used to create our original Composable bracelet almost 40 years ago.

Glamour: What can Cape Town consumers expect?

AG: People coming to our store are not only visiting a typical jewellery store, but they are experiencing a journey to the Italian Style, with more than 3000 symbols (of our famous Composable) to express their creativity and their personality.

Glamour: What makes your offering unique to the South African market?

AG: Our long and trustful collaboration with the local partner has given birth during the years to special links only available in store, with Cape Town and South Africa themes.

Glamour: What do you love most about the brand and what do you want people to know about it?

AG: I love the design concept and modularity of the bracelet and the philosophy behind the brand of sharing = sharing is life. I love to bring our Italian style, passion and warmth to people all around the countries. And I love the attention and the professionalism we put in all the products we create.

Glamour: What are some of the Nomination values that resonate with consumers across the globe?

AG: Our main values are Communication, the Sharing among all people and all generations, whenever and wherever we do it.

Glamour: Considering that the Nomination story began in Florence, what's the common thread between the stores as you expand?

AG: The common thread of our stores is our Unique Italian Style, that reflects in our design, in the Florentine Craftsmanship and the Italian Soul and Heart in all our Made in Italy details of course.

Glamour: What sort of conversations are you hoping will emanate from having a presence in Cape Town?

AG: With our new store in Cape Town we hope to expand our fan base in your country and communicate to more people that Nomination is a special brand and Composable a special product across generations.

Glamour: What else can we look forward to?

AG: I wish you can see me more often in your beautiful country opening new stores, because I love your country and the amazing welcome you always reserve to me and to our brand. We still have a lot of cities to reach and we look forward to that!

Glamour: Seeing as Valentine's Day is approaching, what would you consider the perfect Valentine's gift and why?

AG: Of course our Composable bracelet with our beautiful love symbols and messages in 18k gold, sterling silver and rose gold with colorful and joyful enamel colors. My favorite is the double for you and one for your loved ones.

Glamour: In your opinion, what's in a bracelet?

AG: For me and our brand a bracelet is all: A powerful expression of the person that is wearing it. Every bracelet speaks for you in the most original and precious way! Each composable bracelet is the reflection of the beautiful uniqueness of each one of share everyday with the people we love!

Glamour: Your message for Valentine's Day?

AG: This is a very interesting question: No matter what kind of love it is ...You have to celebrate it every moment, as the most special gift we have in life is life!

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