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Exclusive Q&A with Singer&Songwriter, YUCCA

Johannesburg based singer and songwriter, YUCCA is steadily building a name for herself in the music industry. Her first EP Everything's Changed was an outlet to express all the different changes that happened in her life. Here, she offers us a snapshot of her creative process.

Glamour: Please introduce yourself to our audience and touch briefly on your musical journey to becoming YUCCA?

YUCCA: Hello beautiful people my name is YUCCA and I’m a singer and songwriter from Johannesburg, I’ve always loved singing and music no particular genre but as of right now my music is alternative RnB and Jazz. And I’m currently exploring other genres for me next releases. YUCCA is my middle name and I think it’s beautiful and unique so that’s where the choice of stage name came from.

Glamour: What was the inspiration behind your debut single, Toxic?

YUCCA: Toxic is about something I think a lot of us go through, deeply loving people while being stuck in toxic relationships with them. I was much younger when I released that song, so when something is toxic, I’m able to walk away now.

Glamour: Let's talk about Everything's Changed?

YUCCA: ‘Everything’s Changed’ is my debut; it’s short and sweet, just a glimpse into my music capabilities. I wanted it to be an introduction... like this is what I can do, I can make really good quality music and there’s more to come. Everything is changing.

Glamour: How has the reception been?

YUCCA: The reception has been quite positive. People gravitate towards Lovely Night the most, and funny enough it’s my favourite song on the entire EP.

Glamour: Naturally, what sort of conversations do you gravitate towards?

YUCCA: Music is my passion and it’s the thing I talk about most. My goals, and my future; becoming an entrepreneur, my friends and I mostly discuss our future plans and how we are going to achieve everything that we want. And of course talking about our mental health and helping each other cope through the challenges that sometimes come with life.

Glamour: Who else would you like to work with in future?

YUCCA: There’s so so many people I want to work with in future, it isn’t however a huge focus right now as a new artist. I’m still finding my sound and exploring different avenues, I want to build up my discography a little more before I focus on collaborating.

Glamour: What would you say sets you apart from other female artists?

YUCCA: Everything about me sets me apart, my style of content creation, the soft warm tone of my vocals ( while being strong at the same time ). As well my writing style and how I express myself, the beats that I choose, and the attention to detail when it comes to how I choose to rollout my music. It’s also the fact that I’m always willing to invest in myself and my goals. My music is my baby and it shows.

Glamour: Who is on your radar at the moment and why?

YUCCA: Lately I’ve been loving Rema. I listen to his music almost everyday. How can one person be that talented?

Glamour: Are there any social issues you’d like to add your voice to?

YUCCA: I’m a girls girl until the day I die so I’ll stand by anything to do with empowering women and giving them opportunities to showcase their talents, knowledge, beauty and strengths.

I’m also an ally to the LGBTQ community, I believe everyone should have the right to live their lives peacefully without being harassed or assaulted for being themselves. It’s something I feel deeply about. Stop being weird and let people live their lives, there are bigger problems in the world than who’s kissing who.

Glamour: Through your offering, what do you want people to know about YUCCA?

YUCCA: I want people to know that I’m passionate, authentic, honest and most importantly vulnerable. I’m willing to share everything through my music; the good and the challenging. And I’m an open book.

Glamour: What's your message for Youth Month?

YUCCA: I would encourage all young people like myself to fearlessly chase your dreams. This isn’t the time to be afraid and put yourself in a box but the time to believe almost delusionally that you can have anything you want out of your life. Just be willing to put in that extra time and effort, and things will come together. Trust yourself, the universe, and God. most importantly keep every promise the you make to yourself.

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