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Exclusive Q&A with the hosts of The Ultimatum SA, Tshepo and Salamina Mosese

As the dynamic duo at the helm of the Netflix reality show, Tshepo and Salamina have garnered praise for their adept handling of the contestants' emotional rollercoaster, navigating through the highs and lows with unwavering grace.

As the anticipation mounts for the upcoming reunion of Netflix's hit reality dating series, The Ultimatum SA, viewers are eager to delve into the behind-the-scenes insights with the show's beloved hosts, Tshepo and Salamina Mosese. Since its debut, the show has captured the hearts of Mzansi audiences, sparking fervent discussions and reactions across social media platforms. Here, they give us a glimpse into their experience on the show, ahead of the reunion.

The Ultimatum SA S1. (L to R) Howza Mosese, Salamina Mosese in The Ultimatum SA S1. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Glamour: As hosts of The Ultimatum SA, how has your own marriage influenced the advice and guidance you offer to the participants?

Salamina: The older one gets the more you realise that all the experiences that you have had, good and bad, have taught you so many things. This was in the back of our minds when we interacted with the couples. We think that there is no definite template for marriage. You cannot blindly apply what works for us to every other scenario. Everyone experiences things differently. So we brought all of this into how we commented and reacted throughout The Ultimatum experience. Most importantly, we need to always be cognizant of the fact that people come into relationships with baggage, and that impacts on their relationships, one has to also keep that in mind.

Glamour: What inspired you both to take on the role of hosting a show centred around relationships and marriage?

Tshepo: It was daunting at first. We couldn't believe it when we were asked to come and audition for the reality series. As presenters, we wanted to challenge ourselves to try our hand at such a big concept, especially a spin-off of a show that had already done so well in other territories. Getting to work together again after so long, was definitely the cherry on top.

Glamour: What have been some of the most surprising or unexpected moments you've encountered while filming The Ultimatum SA?

Salamina: We were surprised by how attached and connected we felt to the couples and their stories. We have done other presenting shows before, but we couldn't similarly approach The Ultimatum South Africa. The human aspect played a big role within the framework of working on this show. We weren't just delivering our scripts, we had to bring our compassion and sensitivity a lot of the time because we were dealing with real and often raw emotions. Salamina often wanted to jump out of her seat to hug someone if she saw that they were having a hard time.

Glamour: How do you maintain a healthy balance between your professional lives and your marriage while working together on the show?

Tshepo: For us, it was a smooth transition. We know each other so well, even as professionals. It has been fun being on screen together again.

Glamour: What do you hope viewers take away from watching The Ultimatum SA, both in terms of entertainment and relationship insights?

Salamina: One thing that we learnt when we watched other versions of The Ultimatum Marry or Move on, is that there will always be very differing opinions about the relationships and about who must end up with whom etc. So we hope the show sparks debate and discussions. Hopefully, viewers will also be able to see themselves reflected in the journeys and issues of the couples. A lot of people have desires to get married but haven't necessarily given enough thought to how ready they are for the big step that marriage is. The Ultimatum experience highlights how different circumstances bring out a different side to most people, and if you are investing in a future with someone, it may benefit you to see them even when they are pushed to the limit. We think people will want a deep debrief after the experience is done.

The Ultimatum SA S1. (L to R) Howza Mosese, Salamina Mosese in The Ultimatum SA S1. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Glamour: Have there been any challenges in working together as a couple on a television show, and if so, how have you overcome them?

Tshepo: There aren't many challenges because we actually enjoy working together, and luckily we have had time to study each other's patterns and rhythms. The biggest challenge was leaving Ultimatum work, at work so that we could spend quality time with our daughters. They missed us a lot while we were shooting.

Glamour: How do you ensure that your own experiences and perspectives don't overshadow the diverse range of relationships and situations featured on the show?

Salamina: We came into the experience understanding that the show is not about our relationship, we are just meant to serve as a sounding board for the couples. Additionally, we are not relationship experts, our job is to probe, enquire and support their journeys, all without judgment. The experience is about the couples and this was established at the beginning of the Ultimatum experiment.

Glamour: What advice would you give to couples who are considering participating in a reality TV show focused on relationships?

Tshepo: They should come in knowing how far they are both willing to go to get the answers that they need in their lives. They need to have hard conversations and understand that they will not always be able to control how things play out on a reality show. Lastly, there may be blindspots in their relationship that will be brought to the surface, and all of this will play out publicly.

Glamour: In what ways has hosting The Ultimatum SA impacted your own marriage and relationship journey?

Salamina: It is refreshing to see how other people are in their relationships, and we have a front-row seat to it all. Our biggest takeaway from this Ultimatum South Africa experience is that when you have been in a long-term relationship, it is easy to take each other for granted. We were reminded to never stop working on our marriage.

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