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Love Is Blind: From Fiancée to flirty friends, AD and Clay could be a little bit more

Here's something she didn't say at the reunion.

Am I the only one who can't get a read on where AD stands when it comes to Clay?

During the Love Is Blind season-six reunion, AD Smith and Clay Gravesande did not confirm online rumours that they got back together after calling it quits at the altar—or, more accurately, after Clay rejected the 33-year-old real estate broker in front of both of their families.

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However, Clay clearly had a change of heart since leaving the dating show and starting therapy. During the reunion special, which Netflix aired on March 13, the 31-year-old entrepreneur said he would “1,000%” try again with AD, calling the former dancer the “love of my life.” But when the Lacheys asked AD her thoughts on their future together, she replied, “Next question.”

AD was similarly vague during her appearance on The Viall Files, which dropped on YouTube a day after the reunion. On one hand, she spoke confidently about her assertion during the show that she would not date Clay if they did not get married, even though Clay apparently thought he could convince her otherwise. “It was important for me to stand on that because you had your chance,” she told host Nick Viall. “How much more time do you need to play my face?”

Still, she told the Bachelor alum that she was “satisfied” with Clay's statements at the reunion, crediting her ex for taking “accountability for everything,” including “for being weird, for leading me on, for embarrassing me.” AD also confirmed that his plan is to “fight for me.”

Image Sourced: Instagram/@amberdesiree

But will he succeed? When Viall's fiancé and cohost Natalie Joy asked whether Clay's apology “turned you on a little,” AD smiled, replying, “I wasn't mad about it.”

Earlier in the interview, AD revealed that she and Clay had gotten back in contact “a few weeks” after their failed wedding, though their conversations were “very surface level.” However, it sounds like their relationship eventually evolved…and the lines are a little blurred.

“Clay and I…we're flirty friends,” she later told Viall, who was trying to ascertain whether the exes ever hooked up after the show. “So if we see each other outside, we're, like, in each other's faces—like, we like hug and cuddle and, like, we're all over each other, but again, we're friends.” She also said she takes “every chance” to show him what he missed out on, including her reunion dress (which I correctly described as a revenge dress).

Image Sourced: Instagram/@Loveisblind

So will AD take Clay back eventually? The reality star seems hesitant to say anything definitive, but she did tell Viall that she's “not a red flag chaser anymore” and that she is learning to “take people at face value” instead of “trying to dig and find the good and the potential.”

Oh, and she'd fully be willing to go on Love Is Blind again, with “a new batch” of suitors. Sorry, Clay…you had your chance.

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