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How to travel with friends (and stay friends, too!)

You and your girl squad have been talking about travelling together for ages, and now you’re finally making it happen. Yay for friendship goals! But before you book your tickets and sail off into the sunset, there are a few tips you may want to bear in mind in order to preserve your relationships and your sanity.  

Choose your travelling partners wisely 

Everyone’s friends after a few happy hour cocktails, but bear in mind that when you’re travelling, you’re spending a lot of time with your companions. So you need to make sure that your travel buddies are people you can spend days and weeks with, rather than just a cheers over half-price mojitos. 

Money money money 

Jessie J may want to forget about the price tag, but the truth is that budget is one of the main causes of frustration when planning a trip. After you’ve decided on a destination, make sure you hammer out your budget details, too, from transport to accommodation, food, activities and more. If everyone’s in agreement, you’re good to go. 

Make a plan 

You don’t have to plan every single second of every single day, but it’s nice to have at least a loose idea of what you’ll be up to while you’re away. Ask everyone to contribute to the itinerary and you’re sure to have all your bases covered when it comes to who wants to do what. And if your schedule isn’t that closely followed, don’t stress about it. You’re on holiday after all. 

Make no plans 

Or at least, factor free time into your holiday, too. You won’t all want to do the same things at the same time, so if one person wants to take a nap, and the other wants to hit the poolside bar, let them have it. There’s nothing worse than grumpy travel buds, so make sure everyone has the space to enjoy their holiday their way, and it’ll be smiles all round. 

Eat, drink and be merry 

Put a group of hangry girls together and sparks are bound to fly. So keep the peace by always knowing where your next meal will be coming from. Will you be self-catering (in which case you’ll need to plan a menu), eating at your hotel or resort, or dining out every once in a while? Get your eats sorted, get your glasses filled and say cheers to a holiday you’ll never forget! 

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