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Hey it’s OK, to want to take a break and make the world revolve around

Hey it’s OK, to want to take a break and make the world revolve around you for a bit. Especially after 2020, we all deserve it. Don’t hold back, self care and mental wellness are extremely important and the more you focus and accept you for who you are the brighter life around you will be.

Here are tips to be selfish, put yourself first and know it’s ok if you make a mistake or two. After all we are all human.

...To wonder how to navigate life now that things are different.

...If you still don’t know how to parallel park – there are more pressing issues right now.

...To decline a video call because you’re not camera ready.

...If posting pics of yourself on Instagram all day makes you feel like you’re thriving in the digital space. Who’s counting anyway?

...If the top half of your body’s Zoom ready, but the bottom half ’s bed ready.

...To wonder where you belong as you try to find your place in the digital age.

...If you’re tired of working from home, but you’re not keen on going back to the office either.

...To mess up your face beat, even after you’ve replayed a YouTube tutorial.

...If your summer body hasn’t loaded.

...If you’re more productive at night because your internal clock can’t tell the difference between a workday and sleep time.

... To have mastered the art of avoidance. You wait until you hear your roommate close their door before you go to the kitchen. Sometimes, you don’t want to see anyone, even the only person you’ve seen in months.

... To do your kid’s homework for them so you can take a day off homeschooling tomorrow. When did primary school get so tough?

... To flash your significant other while they’re on a video call with their colleagues. They got on your nerves yesterday. Revenge is sweet.

... If you still don’t know how to apply false lashes, even after three months of practice.

... To have a TikTok account but spend hours down the rabbit hole without posting a single video. #lurkersquad

... To love lockdown regulations because they give you an excuse not to visit the in-laws.

... Not to want to go back to the office, ever again. You’re in bed, braless, have snacks, and don’t have to commute in traffic.

... To take work calls in your bathroom – but remember to turn your camera off.

... That now you hate wearing the jeans that used to be your go-to.

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