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Show yourself some love with these feel-good reads this Valentine’s Day

We’ve got you covered with these books that are really a gift to yourself. Be intentional about filling your love tank this Valentine’s Day and snuggle up with these feel good reads.

The Little Love Book: Happily.Ever.After by Joanna Gray

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If your love language is words of affirmation then your love tank will be overflowing from the inspirational quotes, and insights on love and life you’ll find neatly tucked away between the pages of this little treasure. Let’s face it! Love can be messy, even a love affair with yourself can get a little complicated as you navigate the parts of you that need healing. You’ll also appreciate the practical exercises that will help you embrace love in all forms. It’s a celebration of love, whatever that looks like to you! So go ahead and immerse yourself fully in the experience. Available in bookstores countrywide, RRP: R145

Single Life Wisdom: A Celebration of the self-partnered by Hardie Grant

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Who said you have to be in a relationship to be happy? Doing life on your own terms means you also get to decide if you want a partner or NOT? If you’re leaning more towards the single train then this book will empower you to not only own your decision but to embrace it too. Influential women like Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga and Oscar Wilde share pearls of wisdom that will help you reclaim your power and give you some perspective as you navigate your awesome life in the single lane, and take charge of your happiness. Available in bookstores countrywide, RRP: R145

Self-care for Tough Times: How to heal in times of anxiety, loss and change by Suzy Reading

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Nourishing your mind is just as important as taking care of the outside, especially if you’re dealing with life changes. It’s expected that you’ll experience anxiety when navigating change so it’s important to take a moment to check in with yourself and pour into your love tank. Whether you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, a break-up or the end of a job, now’s the time to prioritise self-care. Normalise taking care of yourself so you can be equipped to deal with any situation life throws at you. It’s important to note that showering yourself with love and attention may feel counterintuitive during hard times but it's just what your soul ordered!. Available in bookstores countrywide, RRP: R310

Love Sucks: The Truth About Romance From the World’s Greatest Cynics by Darla Summers, Emma Munger

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You’re going through a breakup and you’re minding your own business when you’re flood with all these these #CoupleGoals, #LovelivesHere hashtags and mushy quotes flooding which aren’t exactly helping. Sis, take a break from the socials and read a book, we mean this book specifically. Get stuck in and meet other cynics who share your sentiments. You’ll feel less alone and it will probably be easier to fight the urge to stalk him on facebook, like, why would you? After all, love sucks right? Available in bookstores countrywide, RRP: R295

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