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This Dove campaign is the ultimate in self-love inspo #ShowUs

We at GLAMOUR love inspiring self love for all women, that is why Dove's new #ShowUS is something we absolutely love. Dove is redefining  Beauty and Inspiring confidence in women around the world through captured moments. 

Let’s chat numbers and facts, so you understand why this campaign

Did you know that: 

• 8 in 10 (82%) South African women wish media and advertisers did a better job of portraying women of diverse appearance, including age, race, shape and size

• Three quarters (75%) of South African women say that pressure from media and advertising drives anxiety around appearance and beauty in general 

• 8 in 10 (84%) South African women say that if everyday media images were more representative of the way most women in the country looked, then women would feel better about themselves 

• Better representation can also have a positive impact on girls. 8 in 10 (82%) South African women say that this would enable girls to grow up without feeling that they are being judged just on their looks and 8 in 10 (76%) believe that it would mean that girls were not held back by gender stereotypes 

For that reason Dove together with its partners Getty Images and Girlgaze, have initiated their Project #ShowUs . With over 5,000 images, Project #ShowUs is the world’s largest stock photo library created by women and non-binary individuals to shatter beauty stereotypes and is available now for the media and advertising industries to view, license and use in their next project or campaign. 

The aim is to  come together and put an end to the narrow definition of beauty and beauty standards around the world, setting a new standard for the authentic, diverse and inclusive representation of women across the world.

Come joining the movement! Here is how to get involved:

 If you are in the Media and advertisers industry  – it’s up to all of us to expand how we are portrayed. View, license and use the photos in Project #ShowUs for your next project or campaign at This is just the beginning. Every image licensed will support female photographers of the future and grow the photo library further, so that all media & advertisers can reflect the authentic experiences of women around the world.

If you are someone who is simply down  for the movement – #ShowUs more women like you. Want to help expand the definition of beauty? Join us at to share your images and you could become part of the Project #ShowUs photo library.

Project #ShowUs is part of Unilever’s commitment to UN Women’s Unstereotype Alliance – a cross-industry global initiative which uses the power of advertising and media to free the world from harmful stereotypes that hold back people and society.

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