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What the full moon this April means: Get ready for profound changes

According to the Moonsisters (Lieke and Jetteke van Lexmond), who annually publish their lunar calendar, an “energy update” is coming in April 2023. A kind of spring cleaning, so to speak, where old and unnecessary energies are replaced by new and fresh ones. What does this mean? Why should you expect profound changes now? The Moonsisters reveal all to Vogue…

Full moon inn April 2023: expect renewal, breakthroughs and profound changes

On 6 April 2023, the full moon moves into the diplomatic and balancing sign of Libra. “It's the first full moon after the equinox, which makes this moon particularly powerful and innovative,” the Moonsisters explain, adding that this energy can feel like a fast-paced roller coaster throughout the month. This is because while Libra, an air sign, is in the full moon for balance and equilibrium, the sun is in the fire sign Aries. “The air-fire combination can ignite or fuel things faster. Consider the consequences of your actions.”

Alongside the full moon, there's another planet to watch out for in April. Pluto first entered aquarius back at the end of March, where the planet will remain until mid-June. Why this is so interesting? “In the coming months, we will get a taste of Pluto in aquarius: Renewal, (r)evolution, symbolic death and rebirth, breakthroughs, shifts and profound changes,” explain Lieke and Jetteke van Lexmond.

So, get ready for changes, upheavals and new beginnings. As if the previous energies weren't powerful enough, in the month of April “we also enter the period of retrograde and solar eclipse, which can become intense and confrontational,” the Moonsisters explain. “If you have worked on yourself in the past period, you will feel it – as if you get new wings. If you've been avoiding your problems and even the broken pieces in your life, they may now come back as hard as a boomerang.”

Could a new love enter your life during the Full Moon in April 2023?

“Relationships that are out of balance or unhealthy can be scrutinised during this full moon,” suggest The Moonsisters. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is there a balance between give and take in my relationship?
  • Is there an equal connection in the partnership?
  • What is my stake in the relationship and what is the other person investing in it?
  • Is there any unresolved pain in the relationship?

This doesn’t necessarily mean that nothing positive can happen when it comes to love. The Moonsisters explain: “Aries is about to embark on a new passionate adventure at the beginning of spring and can reignite the fire. No matter how hard Libra tries to make everything go harmoniously and correctly, Aries follows its instincts and rumbles on.” The consequence? A new love may unexpectedly enter your life, or old lovers may cross your path again.

With all these intense energies, the key during the April full moon is to not let the conflicting dynamics overwhelm you. The Moonsisters sum it up: “Don't make hasty decisions, but don’t weigh them up forever either. Stay true to your heart and listen to what you really feel – it always points you in the right direction. Dare to choose from your heart. There are new (love) relationships as well as breakups in the air.”

This article was originally published on Vogue UK.

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