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Man Crush Monday: Our Top 8 favourite looks by Lewis Hamilton

Seven time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton is not only an incredible driver - his skills have also transferred to his wardrobe with the help of his long time stylist Eric McNeal. Hamilton’s ability to pick and choose fashion pieces has simultaneously gained him popularity in the fashion world - his impeccable style which is a fusion of casual and street wear has influenced not only his fans but re-established what is now called F1 Style.

This passed weekend saw Hamilton’s last race with Mercedes after 11 years, Coming at number 3, the podium was a celebratory testimony for Lewis’s new chapter with Scuderia Ferrari.

To celebrate his return to the podium we’ve put together some of our favourite looks by Lewis Hamilton over the years. Feast your eyes to one of the best dressed F1 driver in history

Dressed in Burberry at the 2023 Belgian Grand Prix, Image: Instagram/@Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton Styled in Tommy Jeans, Image: Instagram/@lewis Hamilton
Hamilton at the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari circuit in Imola, Italy , Image: Instagram

Lewis Hamilton arriving at Miami in a black Suit, Image: Instagram/@LewisHamilton
Image: Instagram/@LewisHamilton
Hamilton in a simple casual look pairing a white vest with loose oversize pants, Image: Instagram
Hamilton in the streets of Abu Dhabi , Image: Instagram/@Lewis Hamilton
Lewis at the Spanish Grand Prix, Image: Instagram/@LewisHamilton

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