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10 songs we're playing right now

Image: Pexels

All of us across the different spheres of society are preoccupied not only with the health-emergency aspect of the terrible Coronavirus pandemic but we’re worried about the security of jobs and mental health of everyone in our circles.

The COVID-19 crisis has nearly ruined the entire fashion community - from designers and their employees to retail workers up and down the economic scale. It has left a devastating impact on Influences in their various fields, these include artists, actors, writers and social media marketers.  

The crisis has basically affected the economy in so many ways, just over the past seven days since President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a national lockdown, the country has taken a heavy toll on the economic front.

Reports suggest that South Africa has no investment-grade sovereign credit rating from any of the major rating agencies for the first time since its return to global markets in 1994.

Coronavirus cases in South Africa are rising, the last time the government announced these, they were more 1 300. 

Of course, the government is doing everything it can and is hoping that radical measures it undertook in recent weeks will help flatten the curve.

Indeed, these are trying times, there's a sombre atmosphere across the country, so as the online ninjas for your favourite tittle, we’ve come up with 10 songs that keep us grounded despite our current circumstances.

We hope these songs will lift your spirits as they have done to us.


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