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GLAMOUR Exclusive: Global stylist Zara Alexandrova reveals how to mix fashion with fitness

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If you want to look your best, you have to feel your best, and no one knows this better than Zara Alexandrova. 

As a global fashion forecaster and style consultant, Zara travels around the world sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week, influencing Hollywood’s favourite trends, dressing A-list stars for photo shoots, and changing the world of fashion by combining high-end pieces with a sporty feel. 

Zara’s love for fitness and health inspired her desire to mix elegant styles with athleisure chic, a true testament to everything she stands for as a powerhouse in both the fashion and wellness industries. 

But Zara knows that beauty must comes from within, and if you aren’t aligned with self-love and you haven’t embraced the power you have, it will show. There’s no hiding from yourself. That’s why the trendsetter, who was born in Armenia and raised in Russia, is a true advocate for taking care of your body with proper nutrition, pampering, exercise, and self-awareness. She’s got the beauty and the brains, and she’s built her brand on a foundation of health and happiness that she inspires all of her clients and fans to embrace as well.

The fashion-forward fitness guru - who has travelled all over the world sharing her mission, and plans to visit South Africa as soon as life goes back to normal - believes that what you wear reflects who you are. Confidence is key, and much of it stems from how you dress, how you feel in your clothes, and how you view yourself. She created the motto “I am every woman” to further this message and help bring wellness to the forefront of the global fashion industry. 

Who doesn’t want to stay at home in style? Let Zara walk you through it! The world-famous lifestyle consultant spoke exclusively to GLAMOUR about being fitness-focused in the world of high fashion, and gave us the best steps to take to start feeling your best from the inside out (Spoiler alert: her advice involves Brad Pitt!)

GLAMOUR: What sparked your passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle? Was this always important to you, or did a certain instance in your life inspire it?

Zara Alexandrova: 

I’ve always made it a priority to be in shape and eaten clean, with a heavy emphasis on a healthy diet meets healthy mind. But after I gave birth with my second child in 2003 I noticed for the first time I had retained pregnancy weight which in turn made me want to really put focus on becoming the best version of myself like never before. This defining moment really ignited a new found love and passion for fitness. 

Image: Narbeh Khodaverdi

To be clear I was never unhappy with the extra weight more so it was the desire to be healthy on a physical, mental and spiritual level and fitness spearheaded this. I hired a personal trainer to start me on my journey to the body that I wanted for myself (not because I wanted to please anybody but because I wanted to be the best version of myself) for my family and also provide me the foundation to begin with a clear mind ahead of the challenges as an entrepreneur, travelling the globe for fashion shows and all that life throws at you being a working mom. 

We worked a mix of Cardio & boxing into my daily schedule as exercise should be enjoyable (just like sex) not a chore. The program was about becoming lean not bulky and /or for muscle gain – but feminine & healthy looking. 

GLAMOUR: What is your current fitness regimen, and your nutrition plan you use to stay in shape? 


For right now, as we are all in the #StayAtHome lockdown mode, by routine has been adapted. Being able to stay fit and healthy is a lifestyle and whether at home or outside it’s something that I live by. 

No day starts without a few fun and engaging solo dance sessions to warm up body and get that blood circulating – why make exercise a chore when it can be fun and interactive – go on and try it it’s a fab, fun and easy way to get moving. Paired w this I don’t leave the bedroom till I have consumed at minimum litre of water to flush toxins and clean the body – whilst the dancing gets my mind ready for the day ahead. 

Throughout my day I practice yoga which opens not my body’s full potential through stretching and poses but also brings clarity, calmness and the opportunity to self-reflect on the good and bad around me and deal with things mentally (which I think is the major key in self-awareness and overall wellness) in allowing me to achieve what needs to happen business and personally for the day. 

Image: Narbeh Khodaverdi

As far as the nutritional side of things I have always eaten clean and healthy and without even realizing practiced Intermittent fasting which I swear by – it allows me to give my body the time it needs to effectively digest my portions. Within the allocated time of eating I also love fresh juices filled with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

GLAMOUR: What's the best way for someone to motivate herself to get fit?


Fall in love with someone …. Waiting for Brad (Pitt) to return my voicemail … I am ready!!! But in all seriousness a great relationship lets you work out together (you can use your imagination) both at the gym and at home (or even the bedroom). Think about it looking good is No.1 for yourself but when you have a special someone it makes it that sexier – who doesn’t want to feel desirable? 

GLAMOUR: What one thing do you never skip in your workout?


A warmup prior to even beginning is a must;stretching & light cardio gets the heart rate up and opens your body to being ready to go to work. When my body is warmed up I feel like I am capable of achieving a fully rounded workout. 

 GLAMOUR: How are you adapting your fitness routines at home?


As before lockdown, yoga has been my consistent. Given the times we are living in it can really test you mentally and the practice of yoga opens the mind, body and spirit and allows you to reconnect – which is vital for an overall health approach. 

I’ve also been using the V-Shred – Diet & Fitness App which is based on your specific body type and fitness goals. The normal with no gym and social distancing it’s the perfect simple and easy remedy to keeping on top of my goals. I even have my daughter in on it now so we can do it together; which has been such a breath of fresh air – with a side of friendly competition.

 GLAMOUR: What are your tips for staying healthy at home health and nutrition wise?


I live by two very simple philosophies;

- Go shopping when you’re not hungry – so you make the right choices that aren’t related to immediate hunger and what the eye sees. Specific list of ingredients – gets you in and out. Especially during lockdown no one wants to be hanging out in the aisles.

- A clean space represents a clean mind so make that a priority for easy flow and mental wellness. As we are home right now – make it a priority to leave the home tidy when you go to bed so you wake in a zone of openness. 

GLAMOUR: How would you describe your philosophy on health and fitness? 


Health and fitness is everything and the benchmark for success in both my personal and business life. When you look good you feel good and can take on the world. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. A good tip also I recommend highly given I live by Intermittent Fasting is to effectively monitor your calorie intake. I use the MyFitnessPal it tracks your weight and calculates a recommended daily calorie intake.

GLAMOUR: Who or what gives you the most inspiration and motivation to achieve your fitness goals? Any certain celebs you look up to?


Truthfully, I believe everyone should be their own inspiration so the answer is; Myself. I know no one has the same exact body as I do and when I look in the mirror, I look in reality and honesty and the only person who can challenge me further along is in fact myself. No one champions themselves better than the actual human themselves. 

GLAMOUR: One of the key elements for staying consistent with working out is accountability. Who keeps you accountable for working out consistently? 


My personal trainer SYLVER DIBOBE – after working together for over a decade he knows my mind and keeps me accountable and on track. Even during these different times, he has equipped me with the right apps, goal setting and drive to continue and walk out of lockdown bikini body ready.

GLAMOUR: What specific fitness goal are you currently focused on? 


I have a cover shoot coming up for an international travel publication and am working on being bikini body ready. In addition to the fitness and workouts, I visit Elle Eve Med Spa in Los Angeles. I don’t believe in cutting corners but technology should be viewed as a friend to the whole health and wellness realm and used alongside an exercise plan – the truSculpt® flex Muscle and Body Contouring is perfect for the final touches on the body.

GLAMOUR: How would you define wellness, and how do you practice wellness in your daily life? 


Wellness is a balance of mental, physical and emotional components which round us out as humans. My Daily practice I live by is the art Meditation … because when you start taking control of your mind and the voices that can get in the way it allows you to move past issues so you are not blocked and keep your mind, body and spirit open to new possibilities by letting the old baggage go …. Never be trapped in past moments 

GLAMOUR: What tips would you give to someone wanting to live a more healthy lifestyle? 

- ZA: 

1) Be clean – a clean space both mentally and physically will set you on a solid path to a fully rounded healthy lifestyle.

2) I want to be the perfect woman for the perfect man that I want for myself – so imagine what you desire and lead with that . 

GLAMOUR: As a woman of the world, does working out help improve your stamina when travelling? What are the other benefits you've found?


Working out helps with travelling and allows my immune system to battle any disease or exhaustion. I also recommend you continue in your down time on vacation or business trip getting in a small workout – to get you focused. Discipline does not take a vacation 

When you’re on the go Packing healthy snacks so you aren’t left with airport options is also important.

GLAMOUR: Do you feel pressure to always stay in shape because of your public persona? How do you work through that?


Actually, it's the opposite for me. I don't feel any pressure I'm enjoying it that I have people looking at me and I can in turn help them on their journey to a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle. Being around the front row fashion movers and shakers I will say I have seen allot but for me I can only worry about me and be my own cheerleader. 

 GLAMOUR: What do you eat on cheat days? Are cheat days okay every once in a while, and how often?


If it don’t, I like something I don’t put it in my mouth …. Simple as that. I’d rather starve. 

GLAMOUR: What are the three beauty items you swear by? 

- ZA: 

1) I am releasing very soon the must have beauty item that all women (and even men) – will want to live by. Let’s say it’ll be a system based beauty regime that will revolutionize the industry. More on that stay tuned at & follow me on Instagram: @alexandrovazara 

- A Smile – It can change how you look at the world and how the world looks back at you. Give it a try you’ll soon realize that smiling at someone can truly change that persons day and even better it’s FREE. 

- A signature fragrance; smelling good is key. Ever heard the saying; ‘You are Never Fully Dressed without perfume’.

Got a fitness question? Email Sebastien at  [email protected]  for his expert opinion!

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