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How to work out like Lesley-Ann Brandt

Picture:Lesley-Ann Brandt, Instagram/@lesleyannbrandt
Picture:Lesley-Ann Brandt, Instagram/@lesleyannbrandt

The South African actress knows exactly how to stay in shape and always look film ready.

Lesley-Ann Brandt is the South African star from Cape Town who rose to fame through her role as Naevia in Spartacus and recurring role as Mazikeen in the hit Netflix series, Lucifer.

The 37-year-old actress has played the role of the archdemon Mazikeen since 2016 and has captivated viewers with her flawless portrayal of the character.

In July 2017 Brandt and her partner, actor Chris Payne Gilbert, welcomed their son Kingston and in a 2020 interview she spoke to the Saturday Star about how she got back into shape after her pregnancy.

I took it slowly and gently. Women already have so much pressure on them to look a certain way without kids. So I came back slowly with my trainer Paolo Mascitti. I’d say to fully feel back to my old self, if that’s even possible, it’s been about two years.”

Brandt also shares her fitness journey on her Instagram feed and we get to see exactly what it takes for her to slay the role of Mazikeen and perform the amazing stunts she does in Lucifer.

Take a look at a few of Lesley-Ann Brandt and her trainer, Paolo Mascitti’s workouts below.

Seated alternate overhead press

12 reps each side

Army crawl plank

8 reps each side

Transition into 12 frog jump

Plank single arm row 10 reps each side.

Repeat the circuit 5 times.

A large water bottle works great if you don’t have weights.

This circuit will be repeated 5 times. 45 second rest in between every round.

Reverse lunges 12 reps each side

Jumping lunges 20 reps

Plank to pike toe touches

10 reps each side

One arm row

12 reps each side

Get creative if you don’t have dumbbells. A bottle water works. Bag of rice.

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