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Beginner Guide : What is nipple stimulation and how to explore with it

With over 7 trillion nerves in the body, there are bound to be highly sensitive areas that react differently to touch, teasing, and caressing. This leaves room to explore the unlimited pleasures of human anatomy. Intimacy plays a vital role in understanding one’s body. Whether you are in a relationship or riding solo, taking time to delve into the deep sensual capabilities of your body can trigger desires of sexual curiosity, leading to immense satisfaction. Nipple stimulation adds a touch of excitement, bringing an erotic sensation that heightens the joy of sexual exploration.

What is nipple stimulation?

Popularly known as nipple play, nipple stimulation is the act of gently touching and caressing the nipple to stimulate sexual pleasure. This can be done orally, with fingertips, or with intimate toys. The technique involves a light touch or stroking in a circular motion, focusing on the areola and slowly making way to the nipple. Nipple play can increase arousal and activate the release of dopamine, heightening intense pleasure during foreplay.

Reaching the Big “O”

Around 12% of females orgasm has always been associated with genital penetration but studies have shown great potential for women and men reaching climax through nipple stimulation. “Nipples are a sensitive erogenous zone for women and some men and can be used either as part of foreplay or the main stimulation. It can certainly stimulate pleasurable orgasm,” says gynaecologist and sexologist Dr Mpume Zenda. As an erogenous area, stimulated nipples trigger neotransmitters that contribute to sexual intensity. This unlocks oxytocin hormones with an alluring sensation that boosts blood flow and makes you reach the promised land.

Climax Zone

Wondering how to see stars with nipple play? Well, although it’s easy, perfecting the full effect will require practice. Our bodies react differently to certain things, what works for you might not work for someone else. While exploring these sexual desires, ensure you communicate with your partner.

Guiding techniques to reach climax


Simultaneous nipple play can increase chances of orgasmic pleasure. Begin using your hand gently by rubbing the whole breast area – squeeze and caress the areola with your finger tips, when you reach the nipple, circle the area with a repeated rhythmic motion. Continuation of this pattern will get you going and breathing heavier.

Licking and sucking

Using the same pressure when licking a dripping Ice cream or teasingly biting the nipple with your teeth can induce climax. Make sure your partner is comfortable with one of the two. Invite your partner to start licking over your bra, the indirect touching always leaves one wanting more. Using different levels of pressure and suctions in one breast, continue caressing the other nipple with your finger – this should give your partner increased pleasure.


To increase sensitivity in the nipple area, bring in some good old lube. Ensure you choose the right type – opt for a silicone- based lube or water-based lube, avoid oil-based as they may cause irritation and potential infection. Lube adds feel good moments – apply a small amount in your fingertips and directly massage the intended area. For an intense slippery sensation apply the lube all over the breasts and gently squeeze them while caressing the nipple. Make sure to wash your hands and breasts afterwards.

Intimate toys

Toys are a great addition to any sexual experiment. The use of toys brings a fun and exciting element to the bedroom – whether you want to spice up your relationship or just let your curiosity go wild. From nipple vibrators, clamps, suckers, feather ticklers and chains there’s a variety of toys to explore. If you’re partnered, ensure they are comfortable using them. For a pinch-like sensation use nipple clamps, they can be adjusted to your preferred pressure. To reach an orgasmic peak opt for nipple vibrator, these little stimulators provide direct vibration causing a hot rush and intense arousal during “play”.

Any potential side effects?

Too much of a good thing can be harmful sometimes, so it’s always advised to engage in sexual acts consciously and ensure both parties are pleasurably satisfied. Nipples are one of the most sensitive areas on the body, overstimulating could cause harm to the nerves. “We must remember not all women and men find it enjoyable and even those women who love it may find it tender and uncomfortable at different times of her cycle. Talk to your partner about preference and what feels pleasurable to them,” says Dr Zenda. Pay attention to what your body tells you and avoid any potential side effects such as nipple chafing, bruising, skin cracking and sores. Nipple stimulation is a fun and safe option during foreplay, just make sure it’s practised with guidance and care.

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