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‘Mid-mute dating’ is the confusing and toxic dating trend you need to understand

Just when we thought we'd navigated each and every toxic dating term, ‘mid-mute dating’ is here to remind us that we haven't.

First there was retroshading, then there was roaching, and more recently, love bombing rudely forced its way into our vernacular. But unfortunately, there's another 'trend' in dating that we should be aware of, because it's toxic, infuriating – and we've likely all experienced it - or will be.

Dating Expert and Wingman Founder, Tina Wilson, has identified new dating trend, ‘mid-mute dating', which has been sparked by un-cuffing season, which is now in full swing as people break up with their winter flings to embark on a summer of fun.

“Be warned: mid-muting is when the person you are dating mutes your notifications, commonly during the mid-week, as they only see you as a weekend thing”, she explains.

“This is a total red flag that you’re not a priority - and if you want this relationship to be a serious one you need to think about if you want to be someone that can compartmentalise feelings like that. It screams narcissist,” she warns.

Tina believes there could be various explanations for muting, but none are positive reasons (with the one exception being that they're at work). “Other than that, being a mid-muter is a toxic dating habit that is one-sided and signals there is not a future for the two of you,” she notes.

“Perhaps they have gotten a bit over excited post cuffing season and have bitten off a little more than they can handle in the dating department. But whatever the reason, the reality is their feelings don’t appear genuine and they could be keeping their options open and hurting you in the process.”

Tina believes they are likely dating multiple people and decide to mute you until they wish to speak to you or see you, which is leading you on.

So what’s the biggest tell-tale sign you have been mid-muted?

"If a pattern emerges which typically sees very little or no communication from Sunday through to Thursday, it is safe to say you could be being kept for weekend fun. Mid-week, they are busy at work or juggling things and simply don’t have time to talk to you. Then as soon as Thursday comes round, they selfishly think of weekend plans and will drop you a message out of the blue.

“Unfortunately, you are likely love blinded by their affection and attentiveness that you have over-looked or not noticed the red flags, especially if you are in early stages of dating and hoping to progress into a serious relationship.”

But Tina stresses not to be too hard on yourself if you discover you are a victim of mid-muting. “In early relationships, as you are navigating and learning about your relationship and how you work together, it can be difficult to identify people’s habits – both the good and the bad – but pay close attention to the signs and don’t be lead on – always follow your instincts and listen to family and friends who might see what you can’t.”

Tina warns that if you find yourself making excuses for them by buying into their justifications for blowing you out during the week, or worse, have made no contact at all, then you need to sit back and assess if this type of relationship is for you. “Only be available mid week and see what reaction you get to that……..!” she says.

This article was originally published on Glamour UK.

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