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Man Candy Monday

Mondays are like a math problem; add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems and divide the happiness. Once our man candy joins this equation, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the answer that’ll help you get through this week. Meet Daniel Defty; student, model, bartender and soccer player! Born and bred in Cape Town, this hottie is studying a Bachelor of Business Science degree at UCT, “Maths kind of turns me on” he says. Smart and funny… definitely our kind of guy.

Daniel is an avid soccer player and is a big supporter of the current 2015 FA cup winners, Chelsea FC (he also plays 5 a side futbol league to keep in shape). He also works as a bartender at The Range Function & Conference Centre, which is beautifully tucked away in between Constantia Winelands and the woodlands of The Tokai Forest. We’re sure he meets a lot of beautiful ladies while working but Daniel is looking for a girl who has a sense of humour like him, “If she laughs at my jokes then she’s already half way there”.

Daniel is represented by 20 Management

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