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Man Candy Monday

Need a pick me up this Monday morning? We’ve got just the thing! Today’s Man Candy will make you oh-so-thankful for being blessed with vision. Meet the incredibly talented and hard-working model, entrepreneur, artist and all round inspiration: Jimi Owobo Ogunlaja.

Born and raised in a small village in the South Western Ogun State in Nigeria, Jimi completed his bachelors degree in Computer Science and Accounting before deciding to explore his undying passion for modelling in the South African fashion industry. He didn’t stop there though, and has recently completed courses in TV Presentation and Creative Writing. Handsome and ambitious – sounds exactly like our kind of guy!

After walking so many runways and gaining extensive experience, it was only fitting that Jimi started his own business in the industry. Jimi opened Jimisterio Catwalk Academy (JCA) and has been passing on his knowledge to aspiring male models that hope to take the industry by storm in future. JCA is skilled in training artiste and creating platforms for them to showcase their talents. It has recently launched a very focused and niche approach centered around the production of fashion related content for production houses, program segments, and live television inserts.

When he’s not tied up onset or busy working, Jimi enjoys numerous outdoor sports and recreational activities that keep his body and soul fresh and agile. A moment of silence in dedication to his rock hard abs and chocolate skin. All we can say is that his girlfriend, the beautiful Adau Mornyang is one lucky lady. This man is so hot he’s on fire!

Jimi is the founder and owner of Jimisterio Catwalk Academy.

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